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Current Events in North America

A tsunami is a large under water wave caused by a volcanic eruption. The tsunami that recently occurred in Japan was as a result of an 8.9 magnitude earthquake that struck Japan triggering a tsunami alert. The earthquake hit Japan on March 11 at around 2: 46 pm. The tsunami caused a lot of damage, in which there were loss of lives, destruction of property worth millions. There was high alert for all the countries around the Pacific Ocean including the U.S. (2011 Japanese earthquake and tsunami). This essay will examine the faraway tsunami in Japan that was felt in Hawaii State of the US

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The U.S west coast, Hawaii, and the Philippines have all been on high alert and have issued tsunami warnings. This was after what was witnessed in Japan, when there was an 8.9 magnitude earthquake off the Japan coast. A warning was issued by the U.S west coast and Alaska tsunami warning centre. They said that the tsunami caused by the earthquake, would hit the Hawaiian coast at around 2:45 am and it would hit the west coast at around 7:45 am. Locals and tourists were evacuated off the Hawaiian coast, as officials claimed they had only four hours to clear the coastline. (Pacific tsunami: Hawaii, U.S west coast and the Philippines). Unfortunately one person was killed in the Hawaiian coast as they were filming the tsunami. 

Though with many disadvantages, the tsunami is also important. It's important to collect data from a tsunami stricken area as soon as possible. This is because through the clean up process and the weather, evidence of tsunami flow and maximum inundation can easily be tampered with. The data collected immediately after an aftermath is important, because it will help to rebuild in the aftermath of the tsunami, the data will also help us understand and predict the capability of tsunami to the world (Tsunamis and earthquakes)

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Tsunami education on the coastal residents and tourists is really important; a tsunami program coordinator says that the last tsunami in java shows the need of tsunami education to visitors and coastal residents. He says this because many people along the java coast who knew the signs of a tsunami went to safety, leaving the ignorant to who lost their lives. The tsunami has a lot of geographical impact especially on soil and water; the recent Japan earthquake will not be spared either. This is because coastal soils have become more saline than before, due to secondary salination because of the earthquake. Salinity of the soil will exert harmful effect on soil biota (The importance of tsunami education for coastal residents and visitors)

The presence of a Tsunami is such a devastating event socially. The presence of a tsunami like the recent one can be really devastating. Throughout history settlements have been destroyed and people left homeless and thousands dead. After which, substantial amounts of money is used to rebuilding of homes and relocation of the people (Effects of tsunami on society).

The 8.9 quake and Tsunami struck northeast Japan as the waves carried houses and all they could find in there path. In the US soon after the earthquake was reported, sirens could be heard all over Hawaii. Residents were warned to keep of the beach as fishermen from northern California moved there vessels offshore. Shops were closed all over as tourists evacuated hotels in northwest tourist town of seaside. The quake was felt worldwide and there were tsunami warnings all over including Japan, Indonesia, Russia, Chile, and New Zealand. Scientists cited  fifth largest tsunami in history.

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A tsunami is a large under water wave caused by an earthquake. Japan was hit by an 8.9 magnitude that caused high waves that triggered a tsunami alert. The U.S west coast, Hawaii and the Philippines have been on high Tsunami alert. Tsunami education is really important because people would have to watch out for any signs of a tsunami occurring and run to safety. The 8.9 magnitude wave cased a Tsunami that was felt half the world and scientists claim it was the fifth largest Tsunami in history.

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