Tea Party Movement

The Tea Party Movement was started in 1773 and its aim was teaching Americans about intolerable acts, the constitution, human rights, and civil liberties, free market system and capitalism. Other works that they have done are set up meetings in halls where people can air the elected people can meet the electorate, give open forums to all wanting seats of power without caring for political affiliation. The Party is composed of the richest whites in America who do not give a damn about the lives of poor Americans. This essay is a causal analysis of the change occurred in the Tea Party Movement in the past three years.

The Bush Administration squandered a lot of money belonging to the American Taxpayer. Then came the Great Economic Depression in middle 2007, which had America devastated to big extent.  When Barrack Obama took over as the America's president, he found the national debt skyrocketed and an economy almost failed with little to offer on healthcare. His bill on Healthcare is what had the rich people in the Tea Party like billionaire George Soros, Koch brothers oppose it.

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Obama's bill wants to give healthcare for the poor and the rich Americans but the Tea Party movement does not want that at all. They are calling it "Obamacare" a very sarcastic term. The rise of a black man to an American Presidency also fuelled the momentums of the Tea Party. They never wanted a black man for America and this is why they support the people likes of Sarah Palin and John McCain. The other thing that added energy to the Tea Party is the "failure" of Obama's government to meet the "hope" deadline. This pushed many democrats to give up and started supporting the Republicans, most of which are in support or in the Tea Party.

Most electorate thought that if they elect Obama, he will do everything in a flash of a minute but as time went by, the soon realize that he is human and gave up. Mortgages, collapsing corporations, foreclosures are all to blame and George Bush not Obama. With all those problems and lack of jobs and benefits, people stopped supporting the Democratic Party and supported republicans. This was very clear when the Democrats lost many seats in their midterm elections. Obama could not help with anything but wondered on the impatience of America's people. In the Congress, the Democrats found it hard to implement some laws and bills which could help the poor and suffering Americans. They lack the voting and veto power (Bilal). The Republicans now rule much to the chagrin and despair of the electorate who gave up.

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In the month of February, the Tea Party was at it again. It used its strong hands to throttle the labor laws of Wisconsin workers especially teachers. This is a great punishment to an electorate who lost hope in the Obama administration. The workers in Wisconsin especially teachers are being removed of collective bargaining. This means that they cannot be able to bargain for a salary or a rise or negotiate on working conditions. Governor Walker, a Republican is being used by The Tea Party movement to do this to his people. Koch Brothers have paid Fox News, Heritage Foundation and sponsored the Tea Party to spread lies about collective bargaining. Wisconsin state has the second highest amount of graduated per year. Its graduation level is 82%. If teachers are denied collective bargaining, it is necessary that it will lead to many problems in the education system.

This law, Walker says will only affect teachers but it is a lie. Firefighters, police, nurses and every worker skilled or unskilled will be affected. The union that fights for the rights of workers will be tied to Walker's demands, the Tea Party and the rich people who fund it like Koch Brothers. The Union helps in collective bargaining and knows that its members do the best job ever. Whenever a case is presented to the Union, people know that they have to have the best case possible. This means that they have to do their work to the best or else union is not going to support any of them workers.

Although the Tea Party Movement claims that it is doing justice to Americans it is a lie. The "Obamacare" is intended to take care of the poor Americans who live in an independent nation, a superpower and yet they cannot afford healthcare. Everyone has the right to access good healthcare as this bill wants to do exactly that. Liberty is not seen in the acts of Governor Walker and his friends. Liberty comes form hope and waiting for the best. The Tea Party lies that America will govern itself (Mathew). People should ask themselves is America being governed by a foreigner.

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This means that the Tea Party is against its original cause and key among them is that it is opposing the Obama administration. The American electorates should wake up, open their eyes and see that they are being duded and striped of their civil liberties and human rights. After the Wisconsin teachers are removed of their collective bargain next will come another group. At the end of the day, the millionaires and billionaires who own huge corporations will be having free labor, a deprived worker who is very desperate. They do not care about the poor; all they want is personal wealth that will last into the next ten centuries!

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