Modern France

The story lights the relations between the narrator and its main heroine, whose name is Helene. The writer retells a love story. The key word of which is passion.

The narrator is worn out by the beauty of Helene. She portrays her as a very pretty girl, paying attention to the beauty of her body. She considers Helene’s body to be sublime; her breasts are such that she has never seen and has never touched before.

While speaking about Helene, the narrator demonstrates selfishness, fantasying about her. She describes Helene’s immodest, and shows it by the exaggeration of her beauty. In contrast, she compares the body of her younger brother that is like a collie, to Helen’s splendor. The evidence of the narrator’s selfishness is her claim that the shapes of men’s bodies are miserly internalized. Moreover, they do not get spoiled like such girls as Helene. In addition, the narrator proves her egoism, describing Helene’s background. The narrator says Helene comes from the high plateaus, and her father works in the post office, with the aim to demean her origin despite her beauty.

The narrator shows her selfishness, indicating that Helene is incapable of some aspects of life. Helen is always frightened, and cries at times. She goes to the boarding school. Helene is not capable, can not learn, and can not remember things. The narrator is jealous of Helene because of her beauty. Moreover, she is even ready to offer this girl the man she is dating.

The narrator demonstrates her selfishness according to her attitude towards Helene and the manner of portraying the main heroine.



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