Coca Cola Advertisement


Many companies place their advertisements both in physical magazines and online resources to promote their products.  This is done in order to reach a wide audience that will, eventually, buy and use the products and services (Davis 3). The Coca Cola Company has focused on this method of advertisement for many years, and their products are being marketed worldwide. Consequently, the company comes up with advertisements that will have a global meaning, because basically they are targeting the whole world.

London 2012 Olympics Coca Cola Magazine Advertisement

The Coca-Cola Company started posting its   advertisements online long before the onset of the London 2012 Olympic Games.   The campaign aimed to win customers to use the products of this company during the Games. The company was aware that this would be a global event, so they included the aspects of universality into the Coca Cola advertisement.  The main message made it clear that the products go beyond the constraints of gender, religion, beliefs, race and even ethnicity by showing people of different groups and various backgrounds. These people were united by Coca Cola, and together, they seemed to enjoy a global unity.

Representation in the Advertisements

In most of the advertisements by Coca Cola, the representation method is used. Representation is the process of bringing some things into reality. In this advert (Coca Cola Olympics advertisement 2012), the images are reflecting the actuality that will be experienced during the Olympic Games (Davis 45). This is done by featuring many people participating in different games.  They are getting thirsty; and this thirst is satisfied by drinking Coca Cola.  This way of reality representation is very strong since it shows that people are prone to thirst when they are engaged into rigorous physical exercises. Furthermore it is revealed that people can quench by using Coca Cola.



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