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Uruguay Relaxes Law on Abortion


Most societies have structured laws that work for the good of all people. The law protects the rights of the people and does not intimidate, oppress or force people to do things considered erroneous in the society. However, some societies structure some oppressive laws that tyrannize people. In Latin America, the laws that have been placed on matters of abortion have continued to oppress people, and women suffer the bigger blow since they are directly affected by these matters.

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Societal Norms in Latin America

Most societies in Latin America believe that any form of abortion is wrong; they feel that a woman should not have an abortion under any circumstances. An abortion is even not allowed in cases of rape since (as a Catholic Attorney says) abortion is bigger than rape. Therefore, this society is comfortable with a woman rearing an illegitimate child whose father is not known. This society disregards the emotional turmoil that a woman is likely to face rearing a child whose conception was rape. These norms in this part of the world should be overlooked in such cases since the psychological and, eventually, physical health of the mother is put at risk nursing a pregnancy and even a baby from a rape case.

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Culture of Latin Americans

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The Catholic Church dominates Latin America, and the teachings of this church dictate the culture of this place. Therefore, the Church’s teachings on abortion have been incorporated in the laws of the societies. Thus, the law against abortion has been implemented by most governments in the region. However, some governments, including Uruguay, have seen the loopholes in this law, and they seek to make the law citizen friendly. The culture of this region has oppressed people a lot, and Uruguay has made a big step towards liberating the social rights of the people of this region.

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