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Evaluation Edward Scissorhands

Edward Scissorhands film can be described as a comedy that revolves around love, innocence, rejection, isolation, and self discovery. This film was directed by Tim Burton. Burton was able to continually show conformity in this movie. It starts with a grandmother narrating a story to her lovely granddaughter. The story is about an inventor who lived in a mansion at the hill top was lonely and decided to create a man. He called this man Edward and loved him as if he is his own son. Unfortunately, the innovator died before he completed creating Edward’s human hands. Instead, Edward was left with scissors hands. Peg, who lived in the town, invited Edward to live with her family. Eventually, Edward falls in love with Kim who was Peg’s teenage daughter. In the movie, difference in age was also shown by the clothes the characters were wearing. Some members of the society were cruel to Edward, and some took advantage of him, due to his unique nature e.g. Jim and Kim when they asked him to break a door (Edward Scissorhands, 2010).

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In this movie, Tim Burton used music, clothing and colors to show the difference in age, create emotions in the audience and portraty the theme of sad love. The castle is represented as dark, old and musty while the neighboring town is represented as lively, well gardened homesteads with well painted tract buildings. Edward is portrayed as a man who is kind hearted, devoted and creative. He trimmed the hedges and worked in the salon. In the end of the film, he makes an ice sculpture. This showed how an artist can share his feelings.

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When watching this movie, I experienced sympathy. I sympathized Edward especially when he hurts a person unwillingly, trying to save him from Jim’s car, which nearly ran over him. When Edward tries to show his kindness, his touch hurts and draws blood. The police man thinks Edward was attacking this person and so Edward had to run back to the old mansion. Burton uses dark old mansion and music to show it is a sad love story. Snow falling in the heart shape represented cold love. I found the movie very exciting and humorous and would recommend it to my family and friends. Tim Burton shows conformity and human emotions in Edward Scissorhands film.

Tim Burton portrayed his ability to use various styles to achieve an exciting, humorous and sad love comedy. He showed his ability to transit from one scene to another and created the different emotions in the audience. In the end, Edward and Kim are able to get justice, and the movie ends at a low. In this movie, Kim confesses her love to Edward. Despite the hard time that Edward had gone though due to his unique condition, he finally lived happily after Kim lied to the people that he was dead.

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This film is a representation of two cultures living in the distinct places. Burton was able to achieve his theme by showing how horror of conformity can cause society to reject an individual with unique characteristics. Burton used flamboyant style to achieve high school fantasy, where at the end Edward is viewed as the hero. Though he had been rejected and suffered causing the audience to sympathize him, at the end he was able to live peacefully.

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