Strategic Analysis of Facebook

Over the last few years social media have turned out to be a decisive driving force in facilitating a productive marketing and communication strategy. Social media are Such as Facebook, therefore, is a vital marketing and public relation tool in global business practices. Nonetheless, it also has numerous strategies to market itself.  The 24-Hours Session is a success based on effective utilisation of Twitter and Face-Book. The company’s employees used Facebook and Twitter accounts to promote the event.

Satisfying the needs of the customer is the major objective of Facebook, and it employs the Egan’s organisational model to achieve the objective. Facebook engaged itself into the promotion by understanding the client needs and in developing a user-centric experience.  The two campaigns also took a one year’s period. The campaign details are as well accessible in internet and in Facebook. By placing the details of the two campaigns on Facebook, it also placed a buzzing story in each campaign. The buzzing stories on the two campaigns therefore give customers and fan the need and desire to access to the company’s site.


Facebook just like other social networking sites offers a wide range of networking and interactive products that allows its users communicate with their friends, families, schoolmates and coworkers. Online communication and interactivity has been made possible through myriad of technologies that facilitate sharing many things. Through a very essential process Facebook avails to its users several interesting services once he/she has registered and updated his profile. For instance one can invite registered friends, join groups and video chat with friends remotes.  Facebook users also have the privilege of restricting their profile information and posts in order to maintain their privacy. 

Notable products of Facebook include news feed, timeline, messages, photos and videos, groups, events, and pages. It is noteworthy that all Facebook products are free of charge.  News feed is a frequently updating list of activities of the groups, friends, events, and pages.  In other words, newsfeed is an update of what has been posted by groups, friends and connection such as pages and it always comes first when an individual logs into his/her account (Buck).  Timeline is a personal profile that allows users to organize and highlight activities that they feel are valuable (Buck).  Messages are a unique product that brings together messages, chats, and emails as if they were a continuous conversation. Messages are a platform that was put in place by Facebook to allow its users communicate with ease from any device. The site also has an icon that indicates presence of a message when an individual logs into the Facebook account.  Pages are public profile that allows celebrities, brands, organizations, and or businesses connect and interact with the Facebook community.

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For example, using Egan’s organisational model, the first step is to determine where Facebook is at the present. Nonetheless, Facebook use their features to assist their clients to narrate their stories using prompts, open questions, S.O.L.E.R, active listening, and through posts that are posted on Facebook. Those individuals with Facebook accounts are better placed to gain so much regarding what the online service or social network offers. Facebook through its features uses Egan’s organisational model to help their clientele to break through any blind spot. This is usually done through the use of a reflection. Clients are therefore capable of having access to information since the HRM team of facebook work hard to ensure that essential information is presented or posted on Facebook. Finally, Facebook ensures that their problems are solved by focusing on the priorities.

Secondly, Facebook has always been on the look through imagination, which helps it to spell out possibilities. This is always done by posting questions and then helps them explore their views of their clienteles. In so doing customers are capable of choosing realistic and challenging goals that are attainable. Through the most appropriate stratagems or their system to find incentives that are likely to assist their clientele to show commitment. This simply helps them focus on their general outcome.

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Finally, Facebook have numerous strategies that focus on employee idiosyncrasies that are timely and likely to help clients to possibly come up with action plans that are positive to development of the company. These strategies are best fit for their clientele and in most instances are likely to work out for the clients. After realizing that this is likely to work for the client, they are presented with an essential responsibility of drafting an action plan to help in achieving the success of the client and that of the company.

Strategic Analysis China Mobile

Among the largest company members of the telecommunications industry, this paper will discuss China Mobile. China Mobile is a telecommunication company that is owned by the Chinese government. It is the largest telecommunication company in the world by both subscribers and capitalization. The company has been successful in strategic management of technological innovation. It has been able to access innovation by creating an extensive information networks and through extensive selection of mobile applications that are powerful. Its innovations include communication products and services and information applications.

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Like many telecommunication companies, China Mobile has five main opportunities for “more sustainable” practices in the industry. Firstly, the company can create a more all-round sustainability leadership where a comprehensive governance mechanisms that promote enhance sustainability are implemented. These mechanisms will be instrumental in improving the lives of people in communication and other aspects of life. Secondly, China Mobile has the opportunity of developing commercial solutions which can facilitate adaptation to climate change; it has already responded actively to the challenges of climate change but need to do more in order to make the world more sustainable. Thirdly, the company should focus on other range of sustainable issues including environment, education, and health among others. In addition, China Mobile should create better ways of managing the direct environmental impacts particularly carbon emission; while it has actively pursued low-carbon development, it needs to put more effort to reduce or eliminate carbon emission. Moreover, it should create more sustainable practices in the supply chains. It should be noted that China Mobile has actively been building a green industry chain and have been promoting green development in the telecommunications industry. While this is commendable, it should put more efforts in this area in order to ensure that its innovations are “more sustainable.”

There are forces for and against the sustainable practices by China Mobile. The forces are as a result of the benefits and costs associated with sustainable practices. The forces for sustainable practices for China Mobile include: the urge to maintain and even improve its performance and profitability in the long term; the desire for increased resource productivity both locally and globally, pressure from environmental activists; desire to develop new environmentally friendly products and services that would enable its clients to create better and sustainable natural environment for present and future generations; and Green certification programs that may force it to adopt sustainable practices. On the contrary, the forces against sustainable practices include: lack of proper accountability mechanism for the sustainable practices; competition that may force the company to reduce its expenditure in sustainable practices and relatively high costs of implementing the practices.

Among the five main opportunities that China Mobile has for more sustainable practices, the company should focus on other range of sustainable issues including environment, education, and health among others. This opportunity is the best as it is more holistic compared to the others and would greatly help the company to achieve its goals in strategic management of technological innovation. By focusing on the other aspects of sustainable practices other than environment, China Mobile will have immense opportunity of positively impacting on the society through its technological innovation. It should be noted that these other aspects namely health and education should be in such a way that they are intertwined with sustainable environmental practices. It is no doubt that quality education and quality health services have the largest demand in the society.

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