Journal on Management and Creativity

The week has been long. I had to read Organizational Behavior by Schermerhorn et al. It is a very big volume. However, it has been of great benefit to me as a mother. Specifically, chapter 9 of this book is very critical to any person who reads the book. This topic on Decision Making and Creativity will help me manage my affairs well. It advocates for a flexible and spontaneous manner of making decisions (Schermerhorn, Hust, Osborn & Uhl-Bien, 2005). I have planned to utilize this knowledge on my family. I just hope my young daughter will not frustrate me on things that I have learnt.

Saturday 8.15 AM

I have been revising on this topic since I woke up. The cry of my baby makes me rush to her room. She always wakes up early on Saturdays. My baby sitter will be arriving soon, and she will take care of the baby. I take the baby out of bed, and something comes in my mind. I start rearranging baby’s room. She likes toys, and I fill the room with toys and balls of different colors. The baby looks Impressed, and she is occupied. It is that easy to distract a child. So I call my baby sitter and tell her that she can take the day off. I have just saved some money; thanks to the book.

Saturday 11.00 AM

The baby has given me no trouble the whole morning, and I feel great. I have known that a little creativity in decision making goes a long way. I have worked on my assignment most of the morning without interruption. I now know that I can apply creative decision making in a beneficial manner. This is because the baby, as a result of my creativity, had a great time in the room, and I had enough time to complete my assignment. It is now noon; time to take the baby out.



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