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My strict Muslim culture and the early struggle with the English language have, therefore, played a major role in the choice of my eventual career. I know how it feels like to be left out in conversations, group activities and other social activities due to customs or inability to communicate with the people around you. For this reason, I believe that based on my personal experience, that no one in the society should be excluded intentionally or otherwise. Be it because of their culture, or difficulties in communicating with others. My lifelong goal is, therefore, to help those with hearing and language difficulties participate fully in the community by helping them.

My family has lived in a number of different regions, and this gave me the pleasure of experiencing and interacting with diverse cultures and people. My experience has taught me that life becomes enjoyable, when one has the capabilities to communicate with others in any part of the world any time.

My parents are both disabled and require care round the clock. This means that they cannot be left home alone. Taking care of their needs is a task that I shared with my siblings; so I have had less time to study. In addition, our family is not financially stable; to supplement our income I have had to work part time in a YMCA day care centre. With the little money that I earned, I was able to help my older sister cater for the family financial requirements. As a girl, raised in a devout Muslim background, I am restricted from undertaking some of the social events such as sporting activity. My experience has enabled me to learn five languages and has given me insights into different cultural settings. Having lived in Uzbek, Russia, Afghanistan and America, I believe I have acquired adequate social skills that can enable me live in multicultural setting. Being a part of your cultural, diverse institution should, therefore, be easy for me.

In my family, two of my uncles have hearing problems; this gave me a firsthand experience into the problems that those with hearing and speech handicap face every other day. This has been my prime motivating force to undertake studies in audiology to be able to help those facing such difficulties. My long term career goal is to earn a doctorate degree in speech and healing therapy in order to be able to help those within our society with similar difficulties. The Washington University has one of the best programs in the world in speech and hearing science. An admission into your program will help me realize my life dream of working with members of the society facing hearing and speech difficulties. This is especially so, since I have had difficulties in my life. The year 2010 was especially trying I lost my grandmother forcing my mother and older sister to return to my native country Afghanistan. During their absence, I was burdened by the additional responsibilities of looking after my siblings. As such my grade dropped forcing me to stay up late to improve my results like working with the underprivileged in the society. This has seen me volunteering in YMCA in their day care center and as desk assistant in mathematics learning center. My diversified language skills has also come in handy as volunteer for a food bank organization in their human resource department.

I look forward to being a part of your college in a journey that will help me fulfill my dreams and enable me to make meaningful contributions to the world.

My Lifelong Goal. Custom My Lifelong Goal Essay Writing Service || My Lifelong Goal Essay samples, help

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