Admission Essay for Master of Journalism

As Oscar Wilde said, “The public have an insatiable curiosity to know everything. Except what is worth knowing. Journalism, conscious of this, and having tradesman-like habits, supplies their demands”. I have chosen this profession quite a long time ago and I have made many steps in order to reach my goal and reach the level of professionalism and experience that are required for this sphere. With today’s increase and progress in technology and development of global market, the demand for news and reliable information is constantly growing. Moreover, being a journalist is an opportunity to help other people witness and be a part of history. This sphere is extremely interesting for me and I can even say that journalism is my true passion. I have always taken an interest in the world news and I tried my best to be aware of every significant event or incident. I am very interested in this position as I would like to become an outstanding business and financial journalist. I am both interested in reporting news and writing articles on various topics concerning global market.

I am inclined to think that reporting news on an international scale is a priceless experience and a great opportunity to show the world your understanding and perception of such notions as ethics, communication and business. Mainland China and Hong Kong markets seem to be very interesting areas. The media industry in Hong Kong is quite diverse and it is very important to pay attention to the ethical aspect of journalism, peculiarly on the international scale. The process of globalization is an inevitable part of our world nowadays and thus there is a great demand for good communication and cooperation between Beijing and Hong Kong in various aspects. It is essential to support and improve marketing teams in every town in order to achieve success.

There is no doubt that a good journalist should obtain such qualities as strong organizing, communication and interpersonally skills. Teamwork is an essential component of the majority of companies and networks nowadays. It is very important to know how to organize working process, distribute duties and responsibilities and share knowledge and experience within the team. Besides, there should be a real leader in every team who obtains independent and strong sense of responsibility and great passion to his job. Moreover, I understand that it is very important to be able to build productive working relationships with customers and consider every point of view.

Nowadays there is a great range of opportunities for journalists including such positions as reporter, proofreader, translator and editor of various newspapers and magazines. Journalism is a great sphere that provides a person with a variety of opportunities in order to develop and gain experience in different fields thus learning how to perform the process of communication in a successful and effective way. Moreover, it is possible to specify certain ideas with the help of appropriate language, pronunciation and intonation use. Being a journalist gives you an opportunity to learn new information and get familiar with all the innovations and changes in the world. Journalism for me is a way to express my point of view and share my knowledge and experience with other people. I have high moral and professional standards that will definitely help me in this sphere. I have strong enthusiasm, positive self-esteem, sense of humor and adaptability and I hope that these features will help me to fill your vacancy and obtain the position of a translation editor or an assistant editor in your publishing house. I am willing and able to work and learn and hope to collaborate with your publishing house.

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