Choosing the Career

Life is full of choices. Choosing the career of a social worker case manager will help me to achieve success through the future professional activities. This is a field of studies that encourages me with willingness and dedication to be a strong candidate to this respectful profession. I have a strong desire to become a case manager and accomplish a master’s program in a Social Work school.

My educational qualifications, professional experience as a co-therapist and strong longing to become a case manager are a real proof of my dedication to the future profession. I believe that a master’s program in a Social Work school will help me to proceed with further studies and build a successful career. With a background in parenting and marital relationship issues, the field appealed to me. I could correlate it to my studies of problem solving and taking proactive measures. Domestic violence and abuse are the issues that appeal to me a lot. I understand that such incidents can happen to anyone. Many people try to find excuses or deny the problem, although this is wrong. In my life experience I often have heard about such issues from my peers, and saw how much they were suffering at home because of these problems. Domestic violence and abuse are used for one purpose: to gain total control over a person. I would like to help people to acknowledge that abusive relationship cannot be accepted or excused in order to avoid psychological and physical sufferings. Abusers threaten all family members, especially children. I feel strong enough to explain people affected by domestic abuse that they are in real danger not only in relation to verbal or physical humiliation; their emotional and psychological health are in peril either. Our nation is supposed to be free; no one must endure this kind of pain.

Domestic violence and abuse prevent people from normal lives, and the purpose of a case manager is to find out various ways to help people in need. It is important to talk to the person in private and show your concern. This career is for those who love people. As for me, I always feel concerned about other people’s problems. I am convinced that abusers are stronger in terms of emotions than their victims. They can keep their victims under control and manipulate them. The main purpose of a social worker is to help victims who are depressed, scared, ashamed, and drained. These people often cannot share their problems with others; they are usually confused to do so. By offering professional support, I am sure that I can help them escape an abusive situation and begin recovery. Abusers may be both women and men who behave very aggressively. Domestic violence and abuse usually occur not due to the abuser’s loss of control of his or her behavior, but because of their desire to control an abused person. The victims must realize that. I hope to fulfill my plans and help individuals to solve the problems of domestic violence and abuse by applying different approaches as well as my professional skills and experience.

My background and ambitions encourage me to work hard and overcome any difficulty in order to achieve the set goals. My strong desire and intentions are to protect the health of Americans, for their well-being directly correlates to the success of my mission. It would be honorable for me to provide support for people in need. The opportunity to become a social worker case manager ensures me to serve my country and enrich my career path. I am making a conscious choice to believe in my ability to undertake such a leadership role and be a success.

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