Statement of Purpose Paper

The decision to get enrolled to the University of Massachusetts, the School Counseling is primarily dictated by my socially oriented career objectives. I am strongly intended to do my best to assist the families resolving their school-related issues effectively, and promptly . Moreover, I am firmly convinced that a career of a Guidance counselor is indeed my true vacation. Personally I consider the ultimate goal of my career and personal development is the acquisition of the skills and qualifications which I can effectively employ to advice the families on how they can handle the delicate situations, especially when the interests of the families and students collide or are about to collide. As far as my professional experience is concerned, I assume that my Bachelors of Science Degree in Psychology and my work with the Harford Public Schools are sufficient for my enlistment to the chosen educational program. With the aforementioned organization I occupied the position of an Executive Assistant, which did not require obligatory certification, in contrast to the position of Guidance Counselor which I intend to occupy. Although my professional experience is not rich, I assume that it is sufficient to get enrolled to the targeted course in order to continue my career growth.

With regard to the reasons of my application to this Master’s Program, I find it necessary to accentuate two factors of primary importance that motivate me to submit my application. First and foremost, the educational program will provide with the skills and qualifications which I will utilize to accomplish my career goals. Evidently, it is not possible to obtain all the skills and qualifications empirically, that is why I decided to get a substantial theoretical background. The second reason is a compliance with the mandatory state regulations. In order to be certified as a Guidance Counselor the confirmation of the academic preparedness is required and this fact reinforced my aspiration to apply to this educational course.

Overall, I consider that the reasons outlined above are sufficient to substantiate my motivation to get enrolled to the Master’s program in question.



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