The Business Administration Career

This essay expounds on my personal academic goals in Business Administration career. In particular, it explains why I have decided to pursue the management emphasis of the course. In addition, it looks at the reasons behind my choice of Fresno Pacific University. According to the literature in this essay, a career in Business Administration entails the overall management of business operations as well as effecting of the major decisions policy. The Fresno Pacific University is widely known to produce internationally marketable graduates that perfectly fit in the increasingly globalized business.

As every person has dreams which they hope to fulfill, I wish to become a business administrator in one of the leading corporations or even in my own company. As a result, I have developed passion for business administration as a career. With this passion come my determination and need to fulfill my dreams. I thought of no other place to do this, rather than at Fresno Pacific University, because I believe it will provide me with the necessary business background. Besides, it would give me the foundation for becoming a successful person in the future. Furthermore, employers today look for quality of education both on theory and practical basis. This is particularly relevant considering that some of the projects introduced by the institution greatly enhance interaction among students, which will come in handy in improving qualities desired by employers.

Today’s business world is largely defined by quality of the management of their operations. Indeed, virtually all employers look for potential employees who exhibit a strong character in the business management. In the light of the above, I have chosen the Fresno Pacific University as my preferred university. Ideally, this choice is based on the popular belief that this university has graduated several re-known professional business managers. Besides, former students of Fresno are widely credited with the superb performance of their firms. Among them is Joshua Ollenberger, a graduate of 2007 with a Bachelors degree in Business Administration. Within this short period of time, he has not only established himself as a good administrator at Wiebe and associates company, but also continues to be more charitable towards the institution in addition this is the kind of knowledge that I wish to have by the end of my study, I believe that a degree in Business Administration from this university would make me envy of every employer. Likewise I hope to acquire extensive business skills related to the role of persuasion as applied in professional selling. Besides, it will give me the management expertise that will enable me to start my own business as I wish to be an entrepreneur someday. In addition, the course in Business Administration covers a lot to do with decision making which has become a necessary ingredient of any successful business. According to the information obtained from the university website, this course gives students a practical approach to democratic model of decision making. This is very significant in the sense that the world is currently craving for the adoption of this approach. As such, job seekers with practical knowledge would certainly get an upper hand in the job market (Mahajan-Bansal).



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