Change my Major to Computer Sciences

I left high school without a clear idea of what I was going to do in the future. At first, I tried to follow my father’s steps and entered a local university, majoring in management. It took me one year to realize that I need some global changes to my life. So I applied and qualified for the “Bolashak” scholarship, which brought me to the USA and allowed to study English.

I decided to change my major to Computer Sciences. One of the key reasons to that was the development of technology, as well as high demand for the ingenious programmers in the modern society.

UIUC computer science undergraduate program fell under my eye at a glance. I strongly believe it will allow me to enter the real world prepared to struggle for the best place in the sun. The faculty and staff are going to help me become a top-notch computer expert, capable of getting a position with the US top IT companies. UIUC makes sure all of its students keep track of the constantly changing world of the Computer Science.

Studying in UIUC, I will get a unique possibility to go for the ground-breaking research and to obtain the highest proficiency in the computer science field possible. I will be developing as a personality, and improving my professional skills at the same time. Doubtlessly, graduation from UIUC will lead to my professional success.

UIUC will provide me with a unique opportunity to combine the study routine with various extracurricular activities, as well as to participate in numerous social projects. It will allow me to gain the best and most essential skills I will be using in the future as a computer professional, retaining all the other values, needed for one to remain a socially active person.



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