Master of Business Administration

I am a 25-year-old man with a Bachelors’ degree in Civil Engineering from King Saud University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. The university was rank 186th in the 2011 world ranking reviews of universities. It is a known fact that since its inception in the year 1962, the Civil Engineering Department of the university has over the years, produced high quality graduates. However, unlike yesteryears, where everything was fashioned on specialization, modern day markets require individuals who are diversified and who possess profound knowledge in others fields that are subordinate to their major professions. The line between engineering and business has continued to be blurred over the years. It is imperative to note that engineers have been given the bigger task of understand management and business principles in the context of engineering projects and tasks. This is therefore the main reason why I seek a masters program in business administration to compound by engineering skills. The department has tailor made courses that ensure that graduates are either enrolled in the private sector or the government. It also updates both the undergraduate and graduate programs to meet market demands. The key to all these is that a graduate from King Saud University is eligible and qualified to work anywhere in the world. The university is also recognized by the Accreditation Board for Engineering and Technology (ABET). The major project I undertook in my study included the design of storm water Drainage and Transmission system for Tabuok University and King Saud University within an Economic and Efficient boundaries. Case studies in my undergraduate course included; studying the structure of dams and design of Dam Spillway, analysing steel behaviour and their advantages and disadvantages in the construction industry. I have also participated in a group project in designing a steel structure, and evaluating Water's Future Sufficiency of the region using the modern day techniques of reusing water for agronomical, industrial, municipal and G.W. Recharge for both economical and Environmental reasons. Having pursued my undergraduate in King Saud University, the main reason for my interest to undertake an MBA in the United States is threefold. First, there is a need in today’s world to obtain an international exposure beyond the borders of ones country of origin. This experience will open doors to learning a lot more, experiencing and involving oneself with different cultures, and contributing towards global integration process. Secondly, the fact that English is not my first language also comes into consideration. English is the most favourite language in the world and because of globalization; it will be an important ingredient in marketing myself. At the moment, I am able to communicate and write well in English but by studying in the United State where English is the main language, will increase my changes of perfectly communicating in it unlike studying in my home country. Thirdly, the main aspect, insofar, as my need to come to the United States of America is to study. It is an acknowledged fact that US is more advanced in terms of education and technological levels. It is this 'American dream' confined to education standards that I am seeking in the Masters of Business Administration course at Golden Gate University. I am academic able ale to handle this course effectively.

My hobbies include reading and camping and I am a great fan of football. On the social front, I like trying out new things and will seek truth and honesty. I am cultural and religiously sensitive and cannot discriminate any person based on the two or in any other form. I am good at analysing situation and hope to benefit a lot from the American culture and I will not hesitate to give my cultural background and let another learn from me. Thank you, and looking forward for your acceptance.



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