Children get Close to their God Parents


It is not often that children get close to their god parents; most of them tend not to be fond of the spare parents, who swear to take care of you but are not always present in your life. For me it was different, I was able to develop a close relationship with my god father. I adored him like he was a father to me; he too, loved me like I was his own daughter. Whenever I had a problem I could go and talk to him. He always had the right answer for me. He was like my mentor. I lost my god father while I was in my junior year in high school. He died of oral cancer. I remember watching him fade away everyday and I could do nothing about it. This always affected me somehow, although I did not know right away that I wanted to become a dentist, I guess it was always there at the back of my mind. I know if I become a dentist I will have the ability to prevent other girls from losing special people in their lives. I will also be able to help those who are unfortunate.


I have always enjoyed helping people. I especially like to help those that are unfortunate. I have volunteered at a child orphanage. This orphanage caters for the children who have special needs and have a difficulty in leading a normal life. Such special needs include those children with physical disabilities and also some who have social disorder diseases like Aspersers'. While I was working here I was able to interact well with the children. I also learnt the importance of being empathetic and compassionate while working with people. I believe the experience gained while volunteering at the orphanage will help me relate well with various kind of people as a dentist.

I studied sciences in high school. I was especially interested in biology and chemistry.  I also have always performed well in sciences. I graduated among the top in our class at high school.  I joined Housatonooic community college, after graduating from high school. My grades have been exemplary. I scored a GPA of 4.0 in my last semester. It was while I was studying at the community college that I decided to study dentistry. I am a hard worker and a top student.

In addition to my academics; I possess excellent communication and interpersonal skills.  I also take up new challenges well. My hobbies are reading, listening to music and playing sport. I played tennis and football in high school. I have lately developed an interest in lawn tennis and chess. Playing in a team has helped me develop a positive attitude towards life. It has also helped me learn how to work well in a team. I have also held positions, where I learnt to be responsible.


I genuinely want to study dentistry. I am eager to begin my course toward becoming a dentist. My previous experience and interaction with people has adequately prepared me for the challenge of dental school. I am also ready to apply my people skills towards my profession as a dentist. I am extraordinarily excited by this opportunity, where I know I can begin to help people especially the unfortunate and needy ones.



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