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A Reasonable Amount of Experience

Over the years, I have achieved a reasonable amount of experience. In the beginning, I worked in a restaurant that had a seating capacity of 27. At first, I worked in the kitchen, before I got a promotion to be a cook. Both the positions were really challenging and required a lot of involvement. However, these were not the types of jobs that I had desired, and so I went for better jobs. I landed in an employment at Hyatt Hotels Corporation where I worked there for ten years. During this period, I occupied seven different positions, the most significant from being an employment manager to the position of the director of human resources. It was really challenging and required me to understand the needs of the employees and how to make their working conditions better.

In a desire to take a further step, I worked in Cancer Treatment Centers of America at Western Regional Medical Center as the Director of Talent. This is where I am currently based. Until now, this has served as my highest rank ever and the greatest achievement I could attain with my bachelor’s degree in hospitality administration. Hence, I strongly consider a step toward attaining a MBA. I have also sat for GMAT examinations and passed with high grades as they are reflected in my certificates. I, therefore, conclude that my academic and professional ability has never been under question whatsoever. I am still determined to take further beneficial steps in life. As the saying goes, ‘Life isn’t a rehearsal, but a performance’.



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