Problem Solution Paper Writing

Problem solution essay is a paper aimed at providing solution to specific problems. The goal of the writer working on the problem solution essay is to identify a problem, analyze it, and develop effective methods of overcoming it. This type of paper is especially interesting due to the fact that the writer receives a possibility not only to use already existing means to solve a problem but to offer his own innovative thoughts and ideas.

How to Write a High Quality Problem Solution Essay

In order to write professional problem solution essay, some of its specific features should be taken into consideration. Essential parts of the paper include:

  • The writer should provide information on previous researches dedicated to the topic under discussion;
  • It is important to support your paper with evidences and facts;
  • Real-life examples;
  • Well-organized and informative introduction;
  • Strong thesis statement;
  • Numerous solutions to the specific problem;
  • Argumentations of the solution of your choice.

One of the most important parts of the problem solution essay is thesis statement paragraph. Well-written thesis serves as a basis of the paper and defines its topic. The aim of the writer, in this case, is to make it as clear and informative as possible to grab the readers’ attention. Moreover, considering that thesis is a part of introduction, it should not be too long. A well-written thesis should be short, informative and precise. The aim of thesis is to define the problem and indicate its importance and influence on people and their lives.

The following part of the paper is its main body. It is the biggest part of the essay, which should provide logical and well-grounded reasoning. Actually, the main body is a deeper exploration of the thesis statement. The other specific feature of the main body is a presentation of one specific solution out of a great number of possible ones, and explanation why it is the best option in the given case. In addition, it should also be mentioned how the solution can be implemented.

The final part of the essay is a conclusion paragraph. The importance of this part of the paper is that it summarizes the most important information. It helps refresh all the arguments provided in the essay and focus on its key aspects. Moreover, considering the fact that problem solution essay often serves as a method of persuasion, it will be reasonable to make a statement that calls to some action depending on the topic of the paper. For this reason, it is recommended to provide real-life examples to support your ideas.

To conclude, problem solution essay should offer effective methods of overcoming the existing problem by both analyzing the previously made researches and by providing examples taken from real life. The writer should not forget that a well-written thesis statement is a basis and a key feature of the essay, which gives tone to the whole paper. The other essential parts of the paper include main body and conclusion.


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