How to Write Perfect Conclusions

Conclusions play a significant role in student essays. You must show the whole essence of your work in this small paragraph, and therefore, not every student knows how to write the conclusions correctly. Here are some useful tips for you.


Remember it is a rather small part of a paper, so there is no need to write too much. You should not tell the facts that are described in the body of the text in great detail. You need to highlight only the most important and relevant information. The essence of the conclusions in the summing up, i.e., you have to write about your results in this paragraph.

Connection with the Introduction

Sometimes, it is not quite obvious what exactly you need to write in the last part of the work. In order to create the conclusions correctly, you need to draw parallels with the introduction. As you know, the introduction is an element of a paper in which you must set your goals and ask problem issues. Therefore, the conclusions should provide answers to these questions and show whether you have achieved your aims.

Fix Your Mistakes

Although this advice applies to the entire essay, it is very important for the conclusions. The fact is that very often, the professors do not read the whole paper; however, they study the conclusions very attentively barely because they contain the most relevant information. If you do not notice an error in the body of the text, it is not as critical as the mistake made in the last part of the work. In order to avoid inaccuracies, you need to reread the finished paper several times. If you have the opportunity to demonstrate your essay to someone, who is fluent in grammar and punctuation, do it. Take into account all the remarks and correct your mistakes.

Writing Style

Academic writing is a kind of scientific activity. Therefore, your text should be written in a scientific or scientific-popular style. Of course, there are some exceptions, for example, if you have a special task to present your work in the form of a literary work. The papers on the exact and natural sciences subjects should be created exclusively in the scientific style; it means you should avoid colloquial speech. However, in some works on the humanities courses, the use of popular science or journalistic style is allowed. In these cases, it may be very appropriate and make your text interesting and intriguing.

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It is not necessary to use too complicated, long sentences in the conclusions. One sentence should contain only one thought. Instead of using commas in a complex sentence, it is better to divide it into a few simple ones.

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