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Amazing Facts about Google

This year Google has attained its majority reaching the age of 18. A good way to celebrate the anniversary of the world famous search engine is to learn some remarkable facts about Google provided by the Global Assignment Help experts. Find below the facts about Google you have never heard of:

  1. If one decides to kill himself or herself and looks for the relevant information on the home page of Google, the information found will contain the details of the Suicide Help for a specific country. All this is aimed at helping those who are inclined to commit suicide.
  2. Google Maps allows you to see a selected place with real clouds above it once you zoom out. Having zoomed out twice, you will be able to watch the clouds moving in the sky at this very moment. A stunning view!
  3. Stan is Google’s pet T-rex. The founders of Google put forward the idea of creating it to make its employees aware of the fact that it is not going to become extinct. Stan has never ceased to serve this purpose.
  4. Feeling annoyed and bored when you surf the Internet, tap “ataribreakout” and find yourself playing the game which lasts as long as you want.
  5. Google is known for being the company which acquires a company once or twice a week. This is true since 2010.
  6. Fancy trying space travel? Opt for the Google Maps to see the map of the planet. It is really amazing! Imagine going to a completely solitary place.
  7. Google’s lawns are perfectly trimmed by the goats rented by the company specifically to graze on them. This was initiated by the employees who preferred watching the goats grazing peacefully to listening to lawn mowers irritating noise.
  8. Using GoogleSkyMaps gives a wonderful opportunity to get closer to the stars. All the celestial bodies can be clearly seen with the help of the service.   
  9. If pronouncing a number seems difficult, turn to Google for help. Just insert the number in the search box like this: 5687423=English and have it spelled by Google which is of great help for students.
  10. If you consider buying a plane ticket, you have a possibility to search for one on Google. In this case, you do not need to visit the sites of any airline company. It is an easier and faster way to find the most suitable flight especially for those who live in the areas with the band width related problems.
  11. is a perfect source of new fonts. Having this at hand, you will not have to use the same boring fonts all the time. New fonts are available for free download.

The above facts are not the only amazing things about Google. Go searching, finding and sharing.


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