College Essay in Humanities

Humanities are the field of science that deals with a number of cultural aspects existing in our world. For this reason, if you study humanities you need to write essays on the topics related to this field. Your topic can be about anything: from history to sociology, from philosophy to arts.

Tips for Writing a Humanities Essay

Check with Your Supervisor

Most likely, the lecturer of your course will also supervise your essay writing. To do a good job, you need to be able to do a research by yourself. But don’t hesitate to ask questions as soon as they appear.

Remember about Your Audience

Always ask yourself a question, “Whom am I writing this for?” Most likely, it is your professor. Therefore, this person is your target. But don’t think that in this case you should write your essay trying to talk from the face of your teacher. Express your own opinion, establish a strong thesis statement and give arguments to prove it.

Add only Relevant Information

You essay should not have irrelevant facts, since your teacher will certainly know if you use them. So be sure always to check the information, which you include into your essay, for relevance and correctness.

Adhere to the Proper Structure

Just like any other paper, your essay in humanities needs to have a good structure. It means that it has to contain an introduction that includes a good thesis statement formulated in a proper way and makes your reader keep on reading your essay. The next part in your essay structure is the main body that needs to consist of the arguments that prove your thesis statement and, probably, refute the arguments that oppose it. The last part of your essay is the conclusion, where you need to give a brief summary of your work and restate your thesis statement.


No one can write excellent essays from the very beginning. As any other skill, it takes time and practice to learn to write well. Therefore, don’t think that essay writing is the divine scourge that you don’t even deserve. When you learn how to do it, it will become much easier, believe me.

Stick to the Style

Your style is the way your express yourself in writing. Depending on the course you’re taking and on the topic you’re writing for, it can be either technical and scientific or more personal. Be sure to stick to a single style when you have chosen it.


Before you turn your paper in to your professor, be sure to check it for all kinds of mistakes. They can be grammar mistakes, misspellings and logical discrepancies. When your professor reads your essay it should be perfect.

Keeping these tips in mind, you can become an expert in writing essays in humanities. Good luck!


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