Online Journalist vs Blogger

The 21st century is definitely a new era of publishing – the world where the reporter, the newshound, the correspondent and finally the journalist is the person who only writes for traditional media like magazines and newspapers in long gone. Today printed magazines are losing their popularity and we see more and more people who start to follow social media pages and websites of these magazines.

Of course, this transition to the new era was also followed with the change of roles, duties, and titles among journalists. In addition to traditional journalists, the profession of the online journalist was added, but most progressives of the new roles in the industry are probably bloggers. Bloggers are people who write blogs – posts that appear on personal websites or informational websites like

Let’s compare blogger job to journalist job. Both jobs include a lot of writing and require the person to specialize in a certain subject and have a certain amount of knowledge in such spheres as search-engine optimization, mobile trend, Internet, app market and internet marketing. Both bloggers and journalists are usually paid for their work.

That’s where similarities end. In fact, if we look closer, we will see that these jobs are completely different. Unlike bloggers, a journalist can’t write on whatever topic they want. They are usually assigned a beat, where they need to dig up facts and interview people on a daily basis. They use this information to describe topical stories and keep readers updated about relevant issues in the world.

Although bloggers also do a lot of writing work, most of the time, they can’t be considered professional journalists. In contrast with journalists who work leads to stories, find legitimate sources and strive to write objective articles, bloggers, are usually writing on any topic that’s popular in the Internet at the moment. 

Blogging can be a hobby, which means that a person writes articles for their own website or blog just for fun or for the sake of following personal ambitions. Alternatively, a blogger can be paid for their work if they’re writing for companies or individuals who are hiring bloggers to write on certain topics. Work of a blogger is similar to the work of online columnist because both usually write opinion-based articles websites. In addition, blogger is usually compensated for each blog that they work on, while journalists have salaries and a daily quota of stories that they need to produce.   

In conclusion, it should be said that online journalist and blogger maybe one and the same in the mind of the ordinary person, which is not correct. Although there are some similarities between these jobs, they have much more differences, because responsibilities, roles and career experiences are not the same. The reader should know whose article they are reading because blogger articles are mostly opinion-based, while journalist articles are based on facts and research. Therefore, the reader should understand that not everything that is found on the Internet is journalistic, objective and factual.


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