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How to Write an Essay about Yourself

If you have ever created a personal profile on a website where there was a question “how do you describe yourself?”, you know how difficult it is to do. The reason is simple; to write a personal description, you have to distance yourself from your own personality and look at yourself from the point of view of people who surround you. The task becomes even harder when you have to do it in a form of an essay that will be evaluated for certain purposes.

To make your essay live up to the teacher’s expectations, you have to know exactly what is required from you. If you receive an assignment saying that you should write an essay answering the question “Who are you?”, here are the things you should probably omit in your piece of writing:

  • description of your physical appearance;
  • chronology of various events that happened to you;
  • enumeration of your achievements.

You may ask, what should I write about then? In most cases, the target of such essays is your personality, your outlook and ideas, your inner self. Sentences like, “I am a hardworking, reliable and trustworthy person” do not convey any powerful messages. By simply stating the facts and describing personal traits you think you possess, you will not achieve the initial aim of the essay – to make the reader interested.

In order to describe your personality in a creative way, try to answer these questions.

  • What role do you play in your family, in the lives of people who surround you, in the society altogether?
  •  Do you think you are important as a citizen of your country?
  •  What life experiences have shaped you into the person you are now?
  • What life lessons have you learned and how did they influence your life choices?
  • What are the things you believe in, find important and want to bring across to anyone who would be willing to listen?

By answering these questions, you will be able to look at yourself from a totally different angle and notice things you might not have ever paid attention to. Remember that the traits of your character are just words until they are proven by your personal actions and experience.

If you find distancing from your own personality too difficult, but still want to get an unbiased essay, try this approach. Choose three people in your life who know you well and ask them to describe you. They all are likely to have different visions of you, so you will need to unite them into one completed picture.

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