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Writing a concluding section is a crucial part of any academic paper. Often, one can get a good overview of the entire piece of writing by looking only at the conclusion. Nevertheless, writing a concluding part is often quite challenging. This is due to the fact that many writers find it difficult to say something useful or interesting in their conclusions. Despite the fact that conclusions should be compelling and interesting to read, they are often boring and “stick to a formula”. Thus, writing a dissertation conclusion can be one of the most arduous tasks in your academic career since it requires not only summarizing the key theses of your paper but also demonstrating of your key findings and takeaways in a way that will be interesting to your reader.

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Dissertation Conclusion Chapter and Its Specifics

The conclusion is the final section of your dissertation project. It should be condensed and engaging, providing the readers with a clear understanding of your key findings and the answer to your research question. Although it may share certain similarities with the discussion section, the concluding chapter should be shorter and more general. Therefore, instead of repeating literature from the literature review section, interpreting data in detail, or discussing specific research results, you should focus on making broad statements that summarize the most significant insights of your research. It is important to remember that the conclusion section should not introduce any new data, arguments or interpretations.

One more important point you may be interested in during the final stage of your research work is "how long should a dissertation conclusion be?" In general, the length of the concluding chapter should correlate with the length of the entire dissertation. Typically, it is around 5-7% of the overall word count.

The Key Purpose of a Dissertation Conclusion

Before writing a dissertation conclusion, you should clearly understand its purpose. In general, your conclusion of a dissertation should meet the following requirements:

  • It should provide your audience with a brief overview of the value of your work. Try to explain clearly, what you have done during your research. Do not overburden your dissertation conclusion chapter with the unnecessary details and meaningless information;
  • Summarize key points from each chapter. Especially, if your work is published, your conclusion should look like an executive summary containing the key aspects discussed in each chapter;
  • Provide your recommendations. Remember that your conclusion should include practical implications resulted from your findings. We assure you that providing your audience with the practical recommendations, you will get a few additional points.
  • Discuss future work. In order to bring you the best result, your final chapter should not only include the findings of the dissertation but also provide the field for future research within your subject area or related fields.

While writing a conclusion for a dissertation, the writer has to draw together all the strands discussed in the previous chapters of the project. Designing your conclusion in such a way to make it easy-to-read and informative, you will reach your goals. Also, the concluding section of your dissertation will allow you to comment upon the limitations of the research, thus, contextualize the study once again. Make sure not to include new theories or any other new information in your conclusion.  

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How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion: The Secrets of a Great Final Chapter

The concluding section of your project is the last thing that your readers will see, that is why it has to be memorable. Therefore, to compose a great concluding chapter you should do the following things:

Restate Your Thesis

In order to start your conclusion, restate your thesis statement in different words rather than simply copying and pasting it from the introduction. Avoid sounding repetitive by simply changing the wording and structure. Be firm in your conclusion and avoid apologetic phrases like "This paper has tried to show..."

In your conclusions, address all the same parts as the thesis while signaling that the reader has reached the end of your research work. Clearly state that your research is complete and provide your findings.

Reiterate or Review the Main Points of Your Work

Review the main points of your research and reword them to incorporate into the concluding chapter. You can also include striking statistics or quotations, but limit them to two. The conclusion should primarily consist of your own words as it represents your closing thoughts on the topic.

Additionally, the concluding section can contain recommendations or relevant questions to continue the research. Consider what actions you would like your readers to take or whether there are bigger issues your paper wants to highlight. Connect the introduction to the conclusion by referencing key words, ideas or phrases, mentioned in the introduction.

Explain Why Your Research Work Is Relevant

Remember to explain the relevance of your work to your field of research and how it contributes to existing scholarly debates. Provide a sense of resolution and wrap up your argument, avoiding loose ends.

Provide the Readers with a Take-Away

End the conclusion chapter with something memorable such as a recommendation, question, call to action, gesture towards future study, or a short explanation of the ongoing relevance of the problem or idea discussed. After all, your aim is to make your readers feel more informed or ready to take action after reading your conclusions.

In addition, remember that your final section must be error-free and unplagiarized, so always proofread it before submission. Moreover, it has to be simple and easy to understand. You should present the final chapter without ambiguity and deliver it to the audience as a concise note. No one wants to read a dull and long conclusion. So, to be sure that you do know how to write a conclusion for a dissertation, always keep all these things in mind.

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How to Write a Dissertation Conclusion Properly: Pitfalls to Avoid

If you wonder how to write a dissertation conclusion like a pro, the following recommendation will be useful for you. When writing the concluding section, it is important to avoid three main pitfalls.

  • Firstly, rambling and protracted conclusions should be avoided. These occur when you unnecessarily repeat points that have already been mentioned in previous chapters without adding anything new or relevant.
  • Secondly, an implausible conclusion should be avoided. This occurs when doctoral students make wild assertions or claims that have no logical connection to the evidence presented in their study. For instance, claiming that the results of a small-scale investigation should be adopted by public policy-makers or governmental officials without proper substantiation. Making unsubstantiated claims wastes hard work and should be avoided. It is crucial to remain humble and not engage in this practice.
  • Finally, do not write a very brief conclusion. Although a short concluding chapter may seem like an improvement to a lengthy one, but it can also be problematic. A conclusion that is too short may ramble about facts without reaching a logical conclusion. It may also fail to address vital points or arguments, using fewer words and lacking substance.

Now you know what to avoid to write a good final chapter of your paper, so let us consider the main hints on how to write a conclusion chapter for a dissertation.

Top Tips on How to Write a Conclusion for a Dissertation

Here is the list of great tips to help you write a good concluding chapter. Try to go through them before you begin composing your conclusion section, or make all necessary changes, in case you've already written the chapter.

  • Make the conclusion concise and impactful; ensure it is precise and to-the-point.
  • Do not include any detailed explanation in your conclusion. You should only make sweeping statements that cover your study well.
  • Use bullet points, as they are easier to go through. Instead of long paragraphs, the readers usually prefer to read precise points.
  • State and answer your research question. Try to restate your research question and then move on to answering it.
  • You can reflect on your research. Every research paper has positive as well as negative results and observations. You can state whether your findings were bad/ugly/good or say whether your research was beneficial to you.
  • Check out a good dissertation conclusion example. Prior to writing your conclusions, you can read a few dissertation conclusion examples online to get a clearer idea of dissertation/thesis conclusions.
  • Go through your paper one more time and evaluate its contents. You may find some useful points to be included in your concluding section.
  • Highlight important phrases and key words. Your audience should be able to see your conclusions just at a glance. It will help them know what to focus on and keep in mind while reading your paper.
  • Provide references. It is vital to reference other articles related to your paper, since it will establish you as a meticulous researcher. Cite the sources of information and give credit to the used works.
  • State the importance of your dissertation for future research. The readers have to see value in your research work and feel your project is worth thinking about.

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