How to Write A Good Media Analysis Essay

The media and society are in constant and diverse interaction in modern society. Producers of journalism are forced to constantly approve and confirm their status with methods that demonstrate credibility to the audience. At the same time, this is ideological power communication, which provides facts and offers a way of understanding and giving meaning to them.

Journalistic texts provide an opportunity for the audience to be involved in social reality. News forces us (as members of certain communities) to pay attention to the same problems at the same time and often from the same perspective. Therefore, one of the tasks of media research should be the answer to the question of whether there is an active attempt to create a public sphere, which in some way forms the interests of various groups of people. Solving this problem implies the need to study the content of the newspaper and other media materials. An analysis of the text makes it possible to judge behavior, politics, etc., with a certain degree of confidence. Starting from the earliest attempts at thematic classification and quantitative measurement of the parameters of the content of the newspaper, the text is considered in the system of social functioning of the press. Here are some helpful tips on writing a media analysis essay for you.

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Introduction for the Media Analysis Essay

First, the selection of empirical material for the study must be conducted, i.e., the author should select a specific source of information. Various kinds of materials can serve for this aim (official and personal documents, magazines, newspapers, fiction, TV shows, etc.). If necessary, several types of sources can be selected.

The researcher must decide which materials contained will be analyzed. Either it will be all the materials without exception (for example, the purpose of the study is to study the structure and features of the functioning of this source) or only materials that highlight only one problem of interest to the researcher. It is important to choose the right time period. It can be either very long (several years) if the dynamics of the development of a social phenomenon is studied, or very short (several days, a week) if it is necessary to obtain an instant situational cut. In the introduction to your media analysis essay, you must specify the problem which you are going to explore, its social aspects, methods, and ways of research. You need to be extremely brief.

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Methodology of Media Analysis

Usually, when conducting a media analysis, as well as when conducting a survey, a selective study method is used. The difference lies only in the choice of units of analysis and selection. In content analysis, words, phrases, semantic units, and individual articles are presented as selection units.

The objectivity requirement presented for analysis makes it necessary to translate research material into the language of hypotheses in units that allow an accurate description of text characteristics. When implementing a quantitative analysis methodology, a research program is developed. It is similar to any quantitative research program, in which the goal is determined, the research objectives are formulated, and the object and subject are described.


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