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Poems are designed from words that are arranged well to produce a music flow of words. This is mainly done in order to pass a certain message that the poet has. Poems mostly involve the use of literary devices so as to form a good flow of the whole topic as well as create a better understanding and visual picture in the audience’s minds.

“The Road Not Taken” by Robert Frost

This poem is about Frost and his friend. They were travelling in the woods together. His friend was very much concerned about the paths they followed. He always criticized the other road they did not pass through by trying to explain what would have happened if they went through it. Frost wrote this poem to mock his friend’s behavior. The poet lays out an inkling showing that the resolution made by every person in his or her life really matters the kind of person one becomes. He emphasizes that people should make wise decisions to avoid negative consequences.

The poem tries to explain the tough decisions that people have to make in life. The gloomy and ironic tone experienced in the poem is clearly displayed by the words used, for example, – “I shall be telling this with a sigh / somewhere ages and ages hence.” Frost seems to regret not passing the road left behind. He realizes that he might not get another chance to pass through it ever again.  He is not satisfied by the choices he makes. He wishes and hopes that one day he will come to pass one of the paths he avoided.

In order to deliver his message, the poet has involved quite a good number ofliterary devices. Antithesis is one of them. Frost was not satisfied by the choices he made. “Oh, I kept the first for another day! Yet knowing how way leads on to way, I doubted if I should ever come back.” He wanted to take on both paths, which was impossible. “Because it was grassy and wanted wear” – these words also bring about some incongruity as the poet explains the road being less travelled and grassy and wanting wear. Later he claims that the two roads are worn equally. Personification is also utilized in this poem as roads are not living beings. Thus, they cannot think or feel. The poet explains that the roads want wear. This is personification because non-living objects are granted with the features of the living ones. This helps the readers to comprehend those roads in a better way.

Repetition has also been involved in the poem .The word ‘I’ is repeated in the poem constantly.  It is separated by a line break together with a dash. This enhances a good communication between the poet and his readers and listeners. This helps the reader to clearly identify the dishonesty of the speaker in his voice. The repetition of ‘I’ is continuous, making the reader to be more in touch with the emotions of the narrator. It also enables the readers to more completely understand the wish that the poet had and its significance. These literary devices indeed helped to achieve a good flow of issues within the poem. It has also enhanced a good visual picture creation in the audience’s minds. 

“The Road not Taken”. Custom “The Road not Taken” Essay Writing Service || “The Road not Taken” Essay samples, help

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