Shakespeare, William, and dorius, Raymond Joel. Revised edition. The works of Shakespeare. New haven: Yale University Press, 1955.
This is a book rewritten to study the love poems of William Shakespeare for literature. It includes sonnet 73, ‘that time of the year thou mayst in me behold’. It may not necessarily reference the sonnet in question, but may show the genre of Shakespeare’s poems and literature works. The book has been chosen due to the fact that it analyses the sonnet explicitly.
Spark publishing. Spark notes 101: Shakespeare. New York, NY: Spark pub, 2004.
This can be said to be a literature book analysis of the Shakespeare poems. It belongs to love genre as all Shakespeare works. It could be said to be notes on the scholarly writings of William Shakespeare. The books give the opportunity for the readers to discover the genre of sonnet 73 by reading and analyzing it. Therefore, this could be said to be the main reason for using the book as a reference.
Atkins, Carl D., Shakespeare. Sonnets: with three hundred years of commentary. Madison, NJ: fairleigh Dickinson, 2007.
The book offers commentary on the poems of William Shakespeare and poems. It focuses on all genres of the poems that Shakespeare wrote. The book goes back to earlier poems of 1710 making it possible to analyze the sonnets one after the other. The analysis of the sonnets since the early years can be said to be efficient in the study of literature.
Landry, Hilton. Interpretation in Shakespeare sonnets. Berkeley: university of Carlifornia press, 1963.
They book explains the themes and interpretation of the sonnets of Shakespeare. The thematic analysis of the sonnets can be said to be significant in the study of literature. This analysis of the themes can be said to be the main reason for choosing this book in the bibliography of the sonnet 73 by William Shakespeare. The quote of the sonnet can be said to be properly analyzed in the book.
Shakespeare, William, and David Bevington., 3rd ed. “sonnet 73.” The complete works of Shakespeare. Glenview, IL: Scott Foresman, 1980.
The book analyzes the works of Shakespeare wholly and covers the sonnets as his major works. The sonnet 73 has been covered in its own section in the book. The sonnet can be read as it has been sampled in the book. It allows the reader to interpret the sonnet to their own understanding. The sonnet can be read in summary by the reader.
Ramsey, Paul. The fickle glass: a study of Shakespeare’s sonnets. New York: AMS Press, 1979.
The book only analyzes the sonnets of Shakespeare and not the literature readings. It gives meaning to the sonnets since they may appear difficult to comprehend to the readers. The poems have not been explained in the book making it easier make use of the book as a reference. The book is a perfect reference for the poetry and sonnets of the Shakespeare. The sonnets can play a vital role in the literature review.
This is a scholarly article that analyses the techniques and problems of the sonnets of Shakespeare.
Smith hallet. The tension of lyre: poetry in Shakespeare’s sonnets. San Marino, Calif: Huntington library, 1981.
This book provides a general discussion of the poetry in the Shakespeare sonnets. Shakespeare uses poetry in the sonnets to add captivating effect and literature themes. The book is a review of the readers by the writers according to the Shakespeare writings. It is an analysis of scholarly article by William Shakespeare, but has been reviewed severally by various authors. The decision to reference the book appears as efficient due to the fact that it discusses major aspects used in the sonnets.
Weiser, David k., mind in character: Shakespeare’s speaker in the sonnets. Columbia: university of Missouri press, 1987.
The sonnets have been explicated to thoroughly ending up to the useful appendices. The appendices accomplish the task of analyzing the sonnets and poems. The sonnets and poems of Shakespeare appear as literature readings for the literature students. The scholarly writings of Shakespeare use Shakespeare as the speaker in all his works. Shakespeare appears to be the writer in the writings and poems according to David Weiser.
Joseph, Kau. Shakespeare. Quarterly, Vol. 26, No. 1 (Winter, 1975), pp. 51-53
Published by: Folger Shakespeare Library in association with George Washington University.
This reference has been based on the sonnet 73 as analyzed by Daniel. It uses his influence to the image of the sonnet as he called it an impresa of destruction. The writer analyses the sonnet more poems by Shakespeare and other scholarly articles.
Negri, Paul. Great sonnets. New York: Dover publications, 1994.
The book classifies the sonnet 73 as a great sonnet in the history. The sonnet 73 has been ranked as one of the best sonnets of Shakespeare and it narrates the sonnet and gives meaning. The book analyzes the sonnets just like all the other books and attempts to explain the meaning for the readers to understand. The book also shows the use of themes in all Shakespeare’s books and can be a perfect example of themes applications in the poems and sonnets. The book can be said to be personal response to the Shakespeare’s sonnets leading to its suitability as a reference. This led to the book being used as a reference in the sonnet 73 research paper. 

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