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The Naturalistic Ideology. Custom The Naturalistic Ideology Essay Writing Service || The Naturalistic Ideology Essay samples, help

Naturalism assumes that people do not posses free will. However, their surroundings outline their manners. The naturalistic ideology is founded on a chain of links, all of which affect one another. These chains may be perceived as processes. Normally, humans are not the first link. This is because, according to the narration, their actions are brought about and determined by environmental, communal, as well as biological aspects. This viewpoint, known as determinism, is essential in explaining the reason why there exists no morality in the naturalistic universe. This is evidently expressed in the story when the young man “… falls through the snow… he curses his luck’”(London 67). ‘Luck’ implies an accomplishment emanating from an individual’s effort and control. However, with regard to the man’s situation, the right judgment does not exist in his acts since, “…falling through the snow seems simply like bad luck”. In addition, the author states that the “…unbroken snow seemed to advertise its solidity beneath.” Consequently, the expression “accident” is utilized by the man in describing the incident. The use of this term further depicts how the man was not in control of his actions. The employment of repetitions, with regard to images and language, helps in creating an atmosphere of disaster and loneliness. The author has managed to clearly highlight the circumstances in the narration through the young man’s actions.

The manner of the tale enables readers to easily connect with the outlined circumstances, such as the man’s lack of proper evaluation of conditions. This is revealed when he ignores the counsel of the very experienced individuals, who had gone through similar circumstances and had lived around the region for a longer time than him. The author elucidates the significance of listening to the advice of others and respecting the remarkable power of nature. When reading the story one can identify the man’s character and how it affects his entire life. London has brought the essence of heeding advice, especially before making meaningful decisions. Furthermore, he has clearly expressed the power of nature and how it affects the life of mankind. The work “To Build a Fire” reveals to the readers the fact that, regardless of one’s confidence or determination in the course of pursuing his or her goals, in the long run, it is destiny that decides the final outcome. In essence, man has no power to determine the results and consequences.

The Naturalistic Ideology. Custom The Naturalistic Ideology Essay Writing Service || The Naturalistic Ideology Essay samples, help

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