“The Midsummer’s Night Dream”

There are various love relationships evident throughout the play, used to enhance the major theme: marriage. For instance, there is the love between Theseus and Hippolyta. Theseus is a Duke, while Hippolyta is a queen from Amazon. This marriage was planned earlier on before it even took place. The two, emerging from royal, families are limited to the form of lovers which they can actually marry; they are partners from royal families.

The second marriage is between Oberon and Titania. These two individuals are fairies who, apparently, live in the forest of Athens. Oberon is a magician who later punishes his wife by making her fall in love with the very first creature she comes into contact with, who, apparently, is Nick Bottom with a head of a donkey. This love is based on demands and, unlike the others, it involves consequences whenever any one of the involved parties performs outside the expectations of each other. The love between Titania and Bottom is a boisterous form of love which has been made to exist as a way of punishing them altogether. As much as Titania makes the servant’s serve Bottom, it does not imply that she is in love with him rather she has been made to love him out of magic: it is not based on true love.

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 The love between Lysander and Hermia is based on a true love scenario. The two are so much in love that they have, in turn, made plans to elope. Despite the barricades from Hermia’s father, the two are determined to make it work in the name of love. The love between Demetrius and Helena is one-sided in the sense that Helena is so much in love with him while Demetrius seems not to be interested with reciprocating the love offered to him by Helena. He is Helena’s dream lover and, despite of her finding open channels through which she uses to lure Demetrius, it remains a fact that she will be a lovelorn throughout the entire play.

The love between Pyramus and Thisbe is real love though it is filled with elements of tragedies, thus, provoking the element of barricades for which they cannot freely express their respective love (Tillman 7).

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