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"The Big Brother". Custom "The Big Brother" Essay Writing Service || "The Big Brother" Essay samples, help

Big Brother is a character who is fictional in the 1984 novel by George Orwell. He is plays the role of a dictator of a totalitarian state called the Oceania. In Oceania, the governing party has a lot of power of the masses that are ruled (Agathocleous2000, p. 15). The society is describes as being the complete eyes or surveillance of the big brother which is the authority and in particular the television screens. The society is under a constant watch by the big brother. The big brother in the novel is depicted as the all seeing, all far reaching eyes as well as government ears. In addition, the big brother appears to be regulating and controlling every aspect in the lives of the peoples in society. The presence of the Big Brother is felt in all corners of the society on print media (Agathocleous2000, p. 23). The character of the big brother can be related to the happenings in today’s society. A case in particular is a song by the police which is called I will be watching. The first four stanzas depict  how the big brother is every part of lives whether we are awake or asleep, he is always there watching. The stanzas are; every breath you take, every move you make and every bond you break. In George Orwell’s novel the Big Brother has been presented as a real person and a key figure in the party leadership. During the year 1984, the Big Brother is seen all over on posters as well as in the screens of the people’s televisions and he is described as a figure that will never die. The people have a feeling that the big brother will always be there or exist as long as the party is in existence. This perception of big brother’s character as one who is ever present in the life of the people, that is every breath they take, every move they make and every bond they break is under a constant watch by big brother.

"The Big Brother". Custom "The Big Brother" Essay Writing Service || "The Big Brother" Essay samples, help

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