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This is a poem by Martin Espada which gives a description of the life of Tony as he matures from the elementary or basic school to law school. Every verse gives depicts the life and features involved in his development as works getting a place in the world. According to the poem Tony went to the Bodega, Espada demonstrates to us that in order to become happy it is important to experience life. The life of Tony started when his father disappeared from home when Tony was about nine years old (Barnet & Sylvan, p. 656). As a result of this, Tony had to take charge of the family and find work in order to fend for them. He worked at Bodega for a period of time although this was not part of his vision. Tony had a vision of achieving more in life. After a long struggle Tony was able to leave the projects and went to law school with the help of a scholarship.

The life is full of experiences that compare and contrast with the lives of many of us. Tony went through a lot of hardship when he was at his tender age when his left the family and Tony had to take up his father’s role. Today in the society, there are so many cases of father’s abandoning their families and the mother’s or the children are left to take up responsibility. Moreover, as Tony grew up he lacked a father figure in his life who could give him guidance. This is case in my life today, as many of the young boys growing do not have a father figure in their lives.

Tony had a vision and an ambition of a better future for himself and was focused on achieving even when he was working at Bodega he kept his clear. In my life today, the society has become extremely competitive. In addition, there is a lot of pressure from different areas which can easily distract someone. Just like Tony it is essential to remain focused on the goal or vision one has and to work towards it. There is a difference in that as a result of there being considerable opposing factors, the society tends to become complacent with their state of life and gives up on the vision that thee once had.

In the end the story about the life of Tony depicts how after Tony works hard to becoming rich and famous, he later realizes that it is not riches and fame that bring happiness to someone but it is about being content. In my life today, we are constantly working are obsessed in attaining as much wealth and fame that one can in the shortest time possible. My society has become a very materialistic society where the dominating belief is that wealth and famous are sources of happiness.

After Tony had received a scholarship to go to law school, he moved to Boston. During he stay in Boston he noted a significant change in societal as well as cultural values between his humble origin and New York projects. There was a difference in the warmth that he felt in his former place of work in Bodega and the presence of a sense of hostility and coldness that was in Boston.  

After short stay in Boston, Tony comes to a realization that his upbringing was filled with beauty and uniqueness which was different the experience he was getting in Boston. In comparison, my life in the Dominican Republic reminds of a community that was intertwined and connected, where people owned the community and embraced the joy of being part of the community. Everyone whether young or old living in any part of community a sense of peace and security. This is different in my life experience in America, where everyone in the society is concerned about their individual issues and there is no care or concern for the neighbor. 

Martin Espada. Custom Martin Espada Essay Writing Service || Martin Espada Essay samples, help

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