Dramatic Tragedy and Comedy

In literature, tragedy refers to a situation whereby the dramatic piece of literature unfolds through a great sense of uncontrollability so that in the long run ends with a catastrophic occurrence. On the other hand, comedy is a phenomenon whereby the author incorporates certain forms of techniques so that in essence he or she conveys the messages he or she wanted to pass to the reader. When analyzing most of the literature created by William Shakespeare, it is with swift evidence that he incorporates the elements of comedy and tragedy to bring about the major themes of the various works. Inclusion of comic and tragedy by Shakespeare is meant to bring about relief as well as pain as experienced by the characters. In the play “The Midsummer Night’s Dream” the unison inclusion of this elements is depicted when Shakespeare manages to portray Helena as a comic character yet she is in dire need of Demetrius love for  which she never gets to possess and eventually remains to live a lovelorn solitary life. The fact that Nick Bottom is transformed into a character with the head of a donkey is humorous and at the same time tragic in the sense that he is not able to live the life he lived before the magic transformation (Kennedy & Dana 1945). In the play “Sophocles Oedipus the king”, the character Sophocles is faced with a tragic incident in which he finds out that he had been sleeping with Jocasta her mother. Although comic, the incident leads to a catastrophic end of the play. It is so sad that the king is unaware of the curse which had been bestowed upon him by the prophetess, Teresias. It is funny how he boosts that he had managed to evade the curse only to find out later that he had in fact killed his father and slept with his mother (Kennedy & Dana 1165-1202).

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In the play “the sound of the voice” there are basically two characters that are deep in love with each other but are fearful of expressing their emotions towards each other. There is an element of comedy especially when the woman character is perceived to possess a worst taste in the unsophisticated music (Kennedy & Dana 1751-1765). . It is a complete tragedy that the two characters are growing weary and old yet they are not married. Most of the scenes which happen inside the house are not only comic in nature but also very deep and emotional. 

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