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The Monster is a drama narrative story by about a young by named Steve Harmon. The monster is the work of a renowned crime writer, Walter Dean Myers. The narrative captures the reader heart in the line of trying to understand and position them in the place of the young Steve. It is a captivating story since Myers uses the art of bringing alive the scene by telling it from an unusual angel.

In this drama, Steve Harmon was accused of being a lookout for a robbery. At the robbery, suffers a gun shot and dies instantly. After that Steve was caught and put in a prison waiting for trial as a suspect of murder. It is at this point that Steve tells his story. It leaves a lot of suspense as the reader is left in suspense wondering whether Steve is to be convicted, although from Steve story it is quite clear he is innocent. Many essentials of this story are familiar. This was made possible by the fact that Steve is an aspiring amateur, filmmaker, and, therefore, recounts the incident in the structure of a movie script. He offers a rather unexpected outstanding scene-by-scene sequence of events of how his days had dramatically altered and hits the nail necessarily.

Intermingled inside the story are chronicle entries of Steve description of the horrendous environment of his incarceration. The author expertly outlines the many features of his central character, Steve and readers will hit upon in the direction of feeling both pity and abhorrence for him. Steve rummages endlessly up to the bottom of his soul to provide evidence to himself and the judge that he is not the "monster" as the prosecutor portrayed him to the judges. In the end, Steve reconnects with his compassion and recovers an ethical and moral awareness that he had lost.

I would recommend this book to fellow students due to its nature to present an element of lending itself to a student and group discussion. It is an expressively thrilling story based on emotions and vital decision required to judge a person moral character. Book lovers will find it undeniable and worrying. The novel is redolent of Virginia Walter's Making Up Mega Boy, another book enriched by its ambiguity.

"Monster". Custom "Monster" Essay Writing Service || "Monster" Essay samples, help

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