The emergence of modern technology


The emergence of modern technology has affected almost all the different facets of human living. This is most especially true when it comes to the transformation of the different situations that are considered when it comes to the delivery of the education to the students of this generation. If then, the books were the primary tools to educate students; today, multimedia presentations have already gone affecting the different facets of educational presentations. Students are now practically able to understand the different theories and the applications of what they are learning through the utilization of modern time definition of visual tools for education.

There are already over a hundred approaches that use technology as a learning tool. One is that of the video presentations, audio or VCD presentations, multimedia applications that utilize the different programs in computer OS that are better able to enhance the theoretical considerations that ought to be learned by students as basic definitions of the operations that are utilized to increase the understanding of humans as to how the different systems of things occur for the betterment of the lives of the greater number of individuals in the human society. Through this approach, the teaching methods that simply embraced the past human generations have already evolved towards the differentiated process of learning that technology has further enhanced for the sake of the development of the new generations today.

In the discussion that follows, the introduction of the different procedures of new age learning shall be presented in connection with the developmental procedure on how the people of the world already view the importance of education and the impact that it has on the process by which humans accept the implications of technology on the different operations of human living. To handle the completion of the discussion that is planned to be presented by the researcher herein, the seven considerations on the effectiveness that two primary electronic tools for education shall be considered and examined so as to practically note the different matters that are instituted to make these tools more applicable for learning in the different stages of development progress among the target students or the target audience of the educators.

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GLOBAL WARMING IN ALASKA. Powerpoint Presentation

Set as a powerpoint presentation for college students who are undergoing environmental classes, this tool practically creates a better understanding on how the campaign against global warming has already managed to mandate the different ways of living in some states and some countries as well. This programmable presentation allows the presenter to pick the elemental factors that he thinks is more likely best applicable for the individuals to whom he is to present the piece.

Not only that, to make the presentation more effective and definitive in affecting the minds of the target audience, the creator of the presentation managed to make a background that speaks well for the message of the entire presentation. Mainly, it could be considered that it is through this that the entire presentation makes a definite appeal on the viewers. The utilization of effective illustrations and manageable approach to the transition of the different elements of the presentation to make one discussion more influential on the people that are targeted for listening and viewing the piece increases the kind of realization that the public needs to know of as they deal with the daily activities they have that are connected to the environment’s health and status of stability for the future generations to come.


This presentation from GreenSkills Australia has practically attracted people to see through the elements used to enrich the different elements that make up the entire medium for instruction. Within roughly four to five practically well-informed slides, this presentation makes it easier for the people to know the best issues of development that they ought to apply in their lives in support of the green campaign that everyone should be able to benefit from. With proper background template used and the effective use of text font and size, this presentation could be considered relaxing and educational visual aide utilized by many green skills developers around Australia.


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The first presentation on Global Warming was roughly composed of 150 slides. Practically running for at least 40 minutes to an hour of presentation to the public, this media-based discussion is actually intended for a larger group of listeners who are able to comprehend with both the laws and the regulations of the different countries around the world that are intended to lower down the effect of global warming towards the situations that are contributing to the worsening situation of the global ozone through global warming; it could then be noted that at least 13 to 30 years of age are the target audience of this medium of information. On the other end, the presentation that originated in Australia which is about sustainable living and the green campaign that comes along with it makes a definite effect on the understanding of the audience within four slides alone. Considerably, the differential operation that are considered by the experts of sustainable living and the guidelines that comes along with it has been discussed in a concise presentation that serves the audience well. With the use of effective proofs and relative images to the discussion, this powerpoint presentation gives a properly developed understanding of the system of living that the creators of the presentation want to suggest to the individuals who are willing to make a difference of the sake of environmental rescuing.


The elemental factors that cover the different issues of environmental awareness have been presented in both powerpoint presentations. These presentations however are better considered as effective visuals for the students who are practically enrolled in environmental courses in college, this has been noticed due to the fact that the information posted through the said slides were primarily effective and understandable for those who has already undergone the basic understandings about global warming and other environmental issues that envelopes the world and the human society as a whole today. Overall, the use of applicable background templates and implicative evaluations that stands as proof to the idealisms that the presentations suggests have been considered effective and appealing to the target audiences.


These presentations ought to take practical considerations on how the students are to be given the right chance to understand the subject matter presented in the tool as expected. The understanding that they have on the process of developments taken into consideration by the different personnel handling the need to provide human individuals of the knowledge that they need to know about environmental issues shall indeed insist on the differential matters that are concerned with the different procedures of serving the resources that are merely surviving on earth today.


Timing and proper narration on what is being shown through the pictures embedded within the slides should be properly applied. It is through this alone that the success in using the said tool could be practically mandated and managed especially when it comes to classroom presentations among the students who might or might not come from the different ages and levels of easier learning developments.


Because of the proofs that are utilized to make the presentations more appealing and authentic, both powerpoints are sure to make an impact on the learning of the students with regards environmental issues that are both essential and considerably affective on the ways by which humans live their lives on earth as the best surviving species who could save this planet from complete devastation.

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Due to the rich and practical use of modern technology in enhancing the visual elements used to increase the interest of the viewers, these presentations are better supported by the different other elements of successful visual aids that are designed to make sure that the message being convened to audiences would be practically be absorbed properly by the listeners. Through this factor, it could not be denied that somehow, the applicability of the resource is further evaluated to have a strong effect on students or learners aged 16 and onwards.

Global Warming is one of today’s most important issues needing practical attention. Hence, the first presentation about it [based on the Alaskan Case] is indeed a great consideration that needs to be practically given attention to. Through this presentation, it has been noted that the application of the law and the needed chance to improve the ways by which the humans respond to this matter in concern. Naturally, the other presentation which was completed in Australia stands as a complete support or a resulting response to the first presentation. With roughly four slides of presentation, this second presentation on Green Campaign intends to make a definite effect on how the different issues on global warming and other environmental issues could be better handled by human individuals at present. Through the campaign towards sustainable living, this presentation simply presents a supportive discussion on the first presentation from another country. The utilization of the different elements that are included in this presentation makes a good sense of definite change on the lifestyle of human individuals not only in Australia but especially that of the whole world.


It could not be denied that the world of computers has increased both the satisfaction level of the human individuals including that of the understanding that they have on the different system of things that are occurring in the world today. Through this assessment of the presentations used, it could be seen and understood how technology indeed makes a possible change and evolution on the kind of teaching that educators today embrace into. Through this, it has been noticed as well that with the proper process of applying these principles of development among those who are most concerned or involved in the issue, the educators would be able to catch not only the attention of their learners but also that of the motivation that they need to be able to push forward to practically developing from the things that individuals are most familiar with especially in connection with the responsibilities they have towards the environment and the need to save it. 

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