Remote Assistance Using Control-F1


Remote assistance has become increasingly important for computer and computer-based companies to provide technical eSupport to their clients in real time and with absolute levels of efficiency. One such remote assistance product is the excellent Control-F1 from Blueloop whose support automation solutions help companies to decrease their support costs, increase profitability, enhance customer satisfaction and amplify brand reputation. The Control-F1 solution package assists in call optimisation, call deflection and call prevention initiatives of eSupport by combining three platforms namely SupportBridge Self Service Automation, SupportBridge Live Automation and SupportBridge Self Healing Automation into one platform for the automation eSupport automation platform called the SupportBridge Server.

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Features of Control-F1

Remote assistance has become increasingly important for companies to provide eSupport to their clients (Microsoft, 2002). Remote assistance helps the helpdesks at such companies to deliver technical support through the Internet or Intranet in an effective and efficient manner (Microsoft, 2002). Due to its convenience and effectiveness, remote assistance has become a prime platform for companies to provide customer service to their clients for any product or service they sell.

In many ways, eSupport has given companies dealing with technical products and services a competitive advantage in the market since they can offer support to their customers directly and with minimal communicative delays (Microsoft, 2002). The future of customer service is clearly in eSupport where technicians in the help desk will solve client’s problems directly and in real time, while chatting with such customers about their fears, needs and requirements (Microsoft, 2002).

Currently, there are several alternatives that companies and individuals can choose from for their remote assistance needs (Cerelli, 2010). Microsoft XP allows any PC user to execute a remote control function from the properties of My Computer folder, where the remote control function can be enabled in the Advanced Settings option (Cerelli, 2010). This will allow a technician to have free access to the PC, diagnose and correct any existing problem via the internet and in real time (Cerelli, 2010).

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Among the products in the market, Control-F1 is by far the most excellent to date. Control-F1 allows a technician to chat with the customer in need of help via the internet from any location. With Control-F1, a customer or technician can initiate a remote control session within a few clicks. Created by Blueloop, the Control-F1 eSupport product facilitates exceptional technical support critical in building lasting customer relationships (Blue Loop, 2010). Not only does Control-F1 support automation help to decrease support costs and increase profitability, it also helps enhance customer satisfaction as well as brand reputation (Blue Loop, 2010).

Control-F1 combines a huge collection of secure web-based communication tools, technical diagnostic tools, reliable system management tools and easy to use flexible desktop sharing tools (Blue Loop, 2010). These set of tools aptly equip the technical agents with the ability to solve any technical problems with their clients fast, easily and much more effectively that it has ever been possible (Blue Loop, 2010).

The most impressive features of Control-F1 include a set of solutions specially designed for technicians to prevent, anticipate, detect and even repair problems in client computer systems before such problems cause disruption to their operations. The support desk of any technical company can employ Control-F1 to optimize customer support by integrating its support automation solutions with the best of existing eSupport technologies (Blue Loop, 2010).

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Control-F1 is a complete eSupport automation solution in three areas namely, call optimisation through automated diagnosis and or repair processes ( Enabled by the SupportBridge Live Automation), call deflection through by customer-technician real time communication (enabled by the SupportBridge Self Service Automation) and finally call prevention as a pre-emptive measure for eSupport through monitoring client systems and initiating preventive fixes (enabled by the SupportBridge Self Healing Automation) (Blue Loop, 2010).

Control-F1’s SupportBridge Server combines all these three solutions namely, SupportBridge Self Service Automation, SupportBridge Live Automation and SupportBridge Self Healing Automation into one platform for the automation eSupport automation package (Blue Loop, 2010). With this package, a company’s help desk can offer diagnostics, collaboration, advanced repair, automated tasks, detailed reporting, workflow processing, integration, security, connectivity and scalability solutions at a go within several clicks of the mouse and from the same platform (Blue Loop, 2010). 

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