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Technology has tremendously advanced over the past years as inventors develop new applications that continue to simplify numerous daily tasks. The revolution of technology over the past 50 years has been rather significant. However, technology has made many citizens rely on it in almost every aspect of their lives. Goals of technologists and developers often revolve around making daily processes more efficient. Moreover, technology improves the standards of living as it creates opportunities all over the world.

The world depends on personal effectiveness to save time and money in pursuit of happiness. The expansion of technology over time increased human efficiency to a level which allows people to complete multiple tasks at the same time; therefore, such development reduces costs and time required to accomplish various objectives. Portable devices and computers with access to the Internet allow one to conduct business or attend to any arising issue without necessarily being present at the work place or meeting. The Internet created a global community that brings together people of diverse cultures from different countries. Internet sites have information that can be accessed and shared by many people in an instance. Increase in the level of access to information creates an informed society. Information empowers the public by augmenting their knowledge and influencing their way of performing activities.

Portable devices, such as laptops and mobile phones, allow people to conduct business and schedule appointments easily. The increase in level of efficiency saves on time and expenditures required to fulfill certain tasks. Smart phones, tablets, laptops, and other portable devices support video teleconferencing, email, texting and chat facilities among other features that play a vital role in connecting individuals, businesses, and even governments. Businesses and government agencies use various modes of communication to relate to customers and public respectively. Most businesses utilize the online platforms to market their goods and offer services to the public. It becomes much easier for one to purchase a product through the Internet, and the seller delivers it at their houses or offices.

Developers design applications for smart phones and other hand-held devices that help people track each other, which come in handy when dealing with accidents and crimes. For instance, Rape App allows a user to press the panic button in the phone to alert others in case of rape and other sexual harrassment. This and other noble applications are a convenience for people in their daily undertakings. Technologies can also help save lives because nowadays one can contact doctors and the police in case of emergencies in no time. For instance, Emergency Medical Teams have heart monitors in their ambulances to determine if the patient suffers a heart attack. Information can then be relayed to the hospital to prepare the emergency room before the ambulance arrives.

Phones with video capabilities allow the owners to record incidents that involve crime and report to the authorities. Shooting incidents helps to curb crime in most countries as it aids in reconstructing crime scene episodes. The social media have improved the way people associate. People make friends through the social media, which aids their understanding of others and their cultures. Technology also allows for real time dissemination of information all over the world. Various applications developed tend to make people much happier as they are able to access help required in their lives. Through the social networks, I have made numerous friends. I have been able to learn about their cultures and their countries without visiting the countries. For instance, I learnt about the Safaris in Kenya and wildlife in Africa making it trouble-free for me in case I wanted to visit these countries.

Older generations often have difficulties in adopting modern technologies; it takes them longer to embrace them, and, when they finally grasp how to use a certain device or software, newer ones emerge. New applications tend to target younger generations; thus, elder people view them as a hindrance to the development of the young children. New applications can even pose formidable challenges to the tech-savvy individuals.

Social life of the youth seems to be affected by technology because, most of the time, they are glued to computers playing games and watching movies and television programs. Such passiveness leads to inadequate exposure to existing realities of the real world as children rely so much on the Internet to give them somewhat virtual social lives. They create virtual friends they relate with instead of real life relations. Overreliance on technology in performing various duties is a hindrance to personal development of children and young adults, which significantly hampers their maturity. Many people rely immensely on technology; otherwise, they would be unable to perform certain tasks without the existing devices. Many users of technology are out of touch with the rest of the real world around them.

When an individual connects to the workplace through the Internet, he or she reduces the cost and time incurred to access the office. In cases of emergencies, employees can easily access workplaces without significant difficulties and are able to resolve urgent issues on time. Connection with family and friends ensures that the location and situation of a person can be monitored at all times. Mobile access to office, friends, and families is an incentive to laziness on the part of the users. It deprives many individuals a social life where they can interact with real people instead of those they meet throughout the Internet. Although, technology has helped the society become more efficient despite minor complications and consequences.

Portable Electronic Communications. Custom Portable Electronic Communications Essay Writing Service || Portable Electronic Communications Essay samples, help

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