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Best practices in business technology management

Best practices in business technology management

There’s no denying the fact that providing our products and services in a more efficient and effective manner in vital for this company. The quality of the service that we give to our clients will either enhance or degrade the loyalty that our customers have for our brand and business. In this regard, it is imperative that we, as a company, prove that we are responsive to the customer’s demands, complaints, and questions. In order to prove this, hence improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the company’s service delivery; it is very important to embrace technologies. This proposal will aid the company in tailoring business processes to best serve our customers as well as anticipate out customers’ needs, and ultimately improve the efficiency and effectiveness of this company.

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Technology, which aims to streamline operations in our company, works in four distinctive categories. First, technology will enable the company to develop its own website. This will serve as a platform on which the company can interact with customers. For example, the company can introduce a forum within this website, in which it can answer every question and address all concerns regarding our products and services. Technology also works as a customer service enhancement tool through a technology referred to as e-mail. This technological tool will enable the company to provide quick and prompt feedback to help requests and needs of the clients (Andriole, S. (2008). Finally, technology will provide the company with tailor made software that helps in managing vital data for both the company and the customer. When combined together, the above tools will enhance communication at all levels of the corporate ladder. Having highlighted the above facts, it is apparent that technology is an excellent proposal because it will enhance the company’s efficiency and effectiveness in service delivery. This can be attributed to the fact that technology will make it easy for the company to provide the best customer service in the industry.

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