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This involves identifying and reacting to security violations quickly to prevent further damages. It needs to be done as soon as possible especially on sensitive information.


These controls are about discouraging potential security breaches. All the security threats to information systems are analyzed and appropriate preventive security measures are put in place in order to prevent them.


This involves restoring the operating state to normal after an attack or failure.

Moreover, the following different secured transactions techniques are used to maintain secured information system:

Password: This is a string of characters that is used to authenticate, prove identity or gain access to on information system resource (Zviran & Haga, 2008). Users should always choose strong passwords and periodically change the passwords to prevent intruders from guessing it.
Digital certificate: This is an electronic license that establishes a person’s credentials when doing transactions on the web. It contains a person’s name, serial number, expiry date, a copy of the holder’s public key, and the digital signature of the certificate-issuing authority.
Encryption algorithms: These are a set of very detailed and complex instructions which provide important security when there are communication signals over unsecure platforms like the internet.
Firewalls: This is a device or system that is designed to filter incoming and outgoing traffic that flows through a private network. It can be implemented in hardware, software or a combination of both.
Transponders: These are electronic wireless communication devise that monitors or controls signals by automatically responding to an incoming signal. This normally used in aircraft information systems to avoid collision.


An effective information systems security creation and maintenance in an organization therefore requires better planning of security policies and procedures to the information, information systems and users.

Detection. Custom Detection Essay Writing Service || Detection Essay samples, help

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