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The script describes a video The Family Related Issues and provides an insight on the applicability of the regulations provided under FMLA leave to employees seeking to take leave. The script describes an employee called Tony, seeking to obtain a three-week’s leave, in order to, look after his sick father. Tony looks at his father’s picture, when his boss Herman, appears, and starts to converse with him. Herman is happy with Tony’s efforts and congratulates him on making impressive car sales over the weekend. Tony breaks the silence and expresses to Herman his intention of bringing his father home from the nursing home, in order, to live with him in his apartment. Herman encourages his employee, Tony, to be responsible to take care of his father until Tony explains to Herman the experiences he had with his father. He narrates to Herman that his father abandoned him when he was a young child, two years old,  and his mother. Herman tells Tony to forget about his father because he is a stranger after abandoning them for two years. However, Tony gave a remark that that could be the only opportunity for him to build a relationship with his father, so he needed to take three weeks leave. According to Herman, Tony’s decision was absurd because they were to embark on selling new model cars. Furthermore, he cautioned Tony that if he decided to take three weeks off, he might not be reinstated.

Explain if it matters that a parent literally had nothing to do with a biological child in order for the child to take advantage of the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) to care for that parent.

A parent/ child relationship is evident whether the parent is biological or adoptive. According to the FMLA ACT, Tony is entitled to take the leave based on the leave requirements. According to the provisions of the Act, it states that an employee is eligible to take leave off in order to provide home based care to their partners, their children, or a parent who is seriously sick. (Jasper, 2007). Therefore, Tony would be eligible for the FMLA leave even though he and his biological father had no relationship.

Electronic Surveillance. Custom Electronic Surveillance Essay Writing Service || Electronic Surveillance Essay samples, help

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