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Replacement of Fossil Energy. Custom Replacement of Fossil Energy Essay Writing Service || Replacement of Fossil Energy Essay samples, help

There exist a great deal of information and eagerness today in regard to increasing production of US energy from alternative energy sources. This basically aimed at replacing fossil fuel as the main supply of USA’s energy (Scheer, 2004). Energy streams from various sources that subsist in a range of transposable forms; it is responsible in driving all systems both at commercial level or domestic consumption. Energy is an essential value of every individual life. It is evident that we entirely depend on plentiful and continuous flow of energy for our livelihood. Whether renewable or non-renewable, energy is undoubtedly a critical component in all areas of any given country. Fossil fuel energy and nuclear machinery are identified to be the primary cause of energy flow across the globe. Fossil fuel energy in particular, has left a heritage of massive toxic gases, oil and burning carbon power plants stretched across the world (Svendsen, 2003). 

Why Renewable Energy Should Replace Fossil Fuel as Source of US Energy?

Renewable energy resources and technologies have the prospect of providing long-lasting solutions to the problems faced by USA, when it regards economic and environmental damage (Scheer, 2004). In our paper we focus on solar energy as a potential replacement of fossil fuel energy reliance in USA. The problem is that fossil fuels are non-renewable form of energy, with its continuous use creating increased negative effect not only on the US environment, but also on the entire global society. It is not the fossil fuel that is used within the US society for electric power which is seen as being challenging, rather the effects achieved after repetitive use of this kind of products as source of energy that causes problems.

Over the last years, carbon emitted and non-decomposable nuclear leftovers from these plants have been seen as the source of continuous environmental harm; for example, the negative greenhouse outcome that is responsible for chain effects of the ozone depletion (McLamb, 2011). Increased global warming as well as climate alteration is the other negative impact resulting from continues use of fossil fuels and nuclear technologies. For instance, the cause of global warming on the American and entire world’s environment is widespread with numerous effects remaining evident. Air contamination is a straight outcome achieved through utilization of fossil emitted fuels, in particular coal and oil spills, which have increased  ecosystems devastations, while coal has deprived lands of their vitality. Time and experience have proved that these forms of energy production methods are non-sustainable. Scheer (2004) argues that hope for sustainable energy production can be found in renewable energy sources that are arguably clean, cheap and “green”. On contrast, the non-renewable energy is reported to represent the highest percentage supply of the world’s energy, which is estimated to be about 93% of the world’s energy resources (Svendsen, 2003).      

Fossil fuel energy sources unlike solar energy are limited in supply and are believed to deplete one day (McLamb, 2011). Use of solar energy as an alternative energy for US commercial and domestic consumption presents an interesting concept. In this society, solar energy has had an immediate impact on domestic energy needs. All that is needed is sun-light; nevertheless, the consumption of renewable power sources aid in reducing the effects of the emission of world’s carbon dioxide. Similarly, solar energy being part of the renewable sources of energy adds a required elasticity among the available energy sources by decreasing US society dependency on the declining fossil fuel reservations. Importantly, the solar energy sources generate their own power.


 Solar energy would provide enough energy supply needed in the country. The main objective in achieving this form of energy as a reliable source can be linked to how it can be captured and converted to consumable electric power in way that is efficient and useful to the society (Scheer, 2004). Sun-light provides enough energy that can be accumulated for use long after sun sets. However, the country’s main challenge can be identified on how to come up with the right capacity in order to cost-effectively harvest and use solar energy to satisfy the consumption demand. In addition, making this source available and reliable is easily said than done. The cost involved in creating solar energy reserves needed to serve entire country, limits the chances of making solar energy unchallengeable.

Perhaps, there exists no single solution to the USA’s growing energy challenges, as there is no single solution that is able to meet the US society energy needs. Instead, the solution comes from a family of diverse energy technologies that ensure a common thread. This energy sources will deplete the country’s resources and eventually destroy environment.

Replacement of Fossil Energy. Custom Replacement of Fossil Energy Essay Writing Service || Replacement of Fossil Energy Essay samples, help

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