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Research pertinent to the fields of building construction has shown that buildings, in the way they are being built today, are a major contributor to unhealthy exploitation of the natural resources adding to the pollution of the environment. In the latter part of the nineteenth century, when cement first came into its general use for making concrete, the majority of buildings were built directly off ground. Walls of stone or brick were built on a bed of rough stones or brick footings and footings ad timber framed buildings on a base of rough stones or brick. As walls were built their weight gradually compressed soils such as clay, sand or gravel to form a sound, adequate foundation. Local experience of the of the behavior of soil and rocks, under the load of building, generally provided sufficient information to choose a foundation of required depth and spread by this method of construction.

A 2 Storey, 3 Bedroom Cottage on Slab was originally designed to be constructed on normal Soil conditions in the main city in your own state. The client wishes the same building to be built in a high risk bushfire area where soil conditions are highly reactive. The basic aim of this report is to describe the methods of research that will be adhered to in relocation the design of the building to bush land setting. The project should certain that ; with regards ‘loadings’, that the buildings is constructed  such that the combined , dead, imposed and wind loads are sustainable and transmitted to the ground safely and without causing such reflection or deformation of any part of the building, or such movement of the e ground , also as to impair the stability of any part of another building , with regards to ground movement;  the building  will be built such that  the movement of the subsoil caused by swelling , shrinkage or freezing will not impair the stability of any part of the building’. Moreover the foundation must be designed to transmit the loads of the buildings to the ground so that there is, at most, only a limited settlement of the building into the ground by the compression of the soil under the foundation loads.

A visit to the site and its surroundings should always be made to record everything relevant from a careful examination of the nature of the subsoil, vegetation, evidence of marshy ground, signs of ground water and flooding, irregularities in topography, ground  erosion and distiches and flat ground near streams and rivers where there may be soft alluvial soil. Formerly, if a site plan is generated, a multitude of small design decisions must be made, each of which will affect the hydrology of a development. These design decisions include selection of paving materials, collection of roof runoff, grading of landscaped areas, and many other details.

The series of fact sheets which aims to provide environmental information to help the landscape industry meet its environmental responsibilities is referred to as soft landscaping. In this; well designed, constructed and maintained landscapes are an asset to the community. They contribute greatly to the attractiveness of our outdoor spaces, the protection of our natural environment and to the health and well being of the community. Landscaping may generally be described as: trees, shrubs, flowers, vegetation, decorative stonework, walkways, screening, or horticultural or landscape architectural elements, or combination of all these.

Before setting foundation it is important to certain that the activities to be carried out will have minimal impact to the environment. In this analysis, our main aim is to protect the existing native bush land on and off the site. Also we will be required to select environmental friendly construction materials that we have minimal reaction with the soil and as well as the ecosystem. It will be also important to include environmentally friendly features in the design; the fauna and flora habitat, detention basins, water collection and recycling facilities. We should ensure the protection of existing site features and vegetation while constructing the building. Areas directly to clean water should be kept clean ad away from the construction materials that might contaminate.

Earthworks and construction activities disturb soils and create dust and debris. Runoff from landscape construction sites often flows into street gutters and then through drains to creeks or channels ending in rivers, bays or ocean. If a site is poorly managed, storm water runoff will carry soil nutrients, sediments, dissolved plant nutrients, organic matter and waste, which can block council drains, silt up waterways and kill wildlife. Before starting work, it is good practice to plan sediment and erosion controls for your site before you start work. When setting out the site before starting demolition your first task might be installing erosion and sediment controls.

Building Construction. Custom Building Construction Essay Writing Service || Building Construction Essay samples, help

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