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There are debates in the automobile manufacturing industries that ecofriendly vehicles are slow and will be a set back to the transportation sector (Sperling and Deborah, 2009). However, it is important to note that the bottom line is to improve sustainability so that the future generation will thrive in a better environment better than if their livelihood is jeopardized by the current generation. There are various ecofriendly vehicles that have been designed by some automobile manufacturing industries to ensure that environmental degradation is reduced. Some of the technologies that have been used include the design of vehicles with anticipatory braking that makes the drivers to employ less energy when breaking (Shabna, 2007). These vehicles also ensure smooth acceleration, as well as, an appropriate use of the gear and smooth cornering (Consumer Reports, 2006).

It is important that the automotive industry should design ecofriendly car models that may reduce fuel economy and to ensure a clean and healthy environment, as efforts are being made to alleviate the current problems that affect the health of human and the environment (World Energy Council, 2007). These efforts include the use of biodiesel engines and solar powered engines that are ecofriendly compared to gasoline fuels that release high concentration of greenhouse gases, such as, carbon emissions to the environment.

Due to the escalating costs of fuels, the automotive industry should decide to design ecofriendly vehicles because they have a better fuel economy than gasoline. However, further research should be conducted to understand the implications of ecofriendly technologies to oil companies.

Primary sources and secondary sources of data collection will be used in this study. The primary sources will comprise of questionnaires and interviews. Data will be collected from car manufactures, local and international bodies, and other respondents who will provide vital information regarding the use of ecofriendly vehicles. The secondary sources will comprise of books and other scholarly journals that will be relevant to the study. This will be a qualitative research and will employ random sampling techniques to identify the sample size and criteria. Data will be presented in scales that will be easy to measure and validate.

The adoption of clean technologies will enhance a smart solution to the automotive industry and smart driving. It will enhance the driving skill by encouraging drivers to adapt their skills to promote environmental safety and reduce fuel consumption. However, the limitation anticipated in this study is lack of adequate funds.

Approximately $ 265,000 is required for this study to be a success. Funding is estimated at $ 200,000 for the actual research. The field trips will require approximately $30,000 to be used to move from various points within the study area. Other funds will be required to make a comparison on the efficiency between the conventional vehicles and the ecofriendly vehicles estimated at $ 15,000. Other miscellaneous expenses are estimated at $ 20,000.

The time schedule allocated this study is five weeks. The preliminary study will take one week. Reviewing of the existing literature will take two weeks, actual data collection analysis and presentation will take one week and finally report writing and presentation will take one week.

Ecofriendly technologies are vital in the automotive industry because they enhance environmental safety and make earth a safe place by reducing the cost of living. 

Automobile Manufacturing Industries. Custom Automobile Manufacturing Industries Essay Writing Service || Automobile Manufacturing Industries Essay samples, help

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