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The invention of cars has brought about both positive and negative effects to people and environment. It has made life easy by providing convenient and safe means of transport. Car manufacturers provide buyers with different options to choose. They produce cars with different models, sizes, and features. Cars, however, cause accidents, pollute the environment, and are expensive. Although manufacturers provide buyers with different options, cars are both advantageous and disadvantageous.

Cars are very important in the society. They are convenient and safe. People who own cars are able to travel at their own convenience. Car owners do not have to plan their journey with scheduled time like in bus and railway transport. They use their cars any time they wish during the night and day. They can make both short and long distance trips whenever they want. Using public transport, on the other hand, requires people to walk to the stations, abide by scheduled time, and board a vehicle with many different people. In case one reaches late, he/she is forced to either wait for another vehicle or return home. Since most cars are enclosed, they are safe. Unlike other means of transport such as motorcycles and bicycles, cars protect users from rain, sun, snow, dust, and physical injury. They are also equipped with features such as safety belts and air bags to protect users in case of an accident and air conditioners to help during hot weather.

Car manufacturers offer buyers a variety of options to choose from depending on their budgets, likes, tastes, and needs. They make cars of different sizes and models such as sport, hybrid, sedan, and spot. They also include different features such as four-wheel drive and air bags. Buyers can choose to buy new, used, or lease cars. Buying can be done either in cash or as a hire purchase.

Despite the many advantages cars provide, they have some shortcomings. They are expensive to buy and maintain. This makes them be associated with people who have money. If not driven cautiously, cars make people lose their lives through accidents. In addition, the exhaust fumes produced by cars pollute the environment.

Cars are safe and convenient to use compared with public transport, motorcycles, and bicycles. Manufacturers try as much as possible to meet the needs of users by producing cars of different sizes, model, and features. Cars, however, cause accidents, pollute environment, and are expensive. They, therefore, benefit users, on the one hand, and cause them harm, on the other hand.

Cars. Custom Cars Essay Writing Service || Cars Essay samples, help

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