Technologies on Communication

The use of new technology has been beneficial to the criminal justice systems. Some of the positive effects include the following. Firstly, the capacity to store the data and process large volumes of data has become possible. Thus, the concerned agencies do not need to store the large volumes of data in physical files. Data can be stored in computer software where they can be retrieved anytime they are needed. Secondly, intelligence and investigation method have been improved to higher levels. It is possible to access the criminal records data at the click of a button. Thus, data has been made easy to access (Jain, 1999). Operations in criminal justice system have been made more effective, as it is easy to handle all cases and store their information. Thirdly, technology has resulted into satisfaction of demands of all stakeholders and government in sharing information.

Technology has led to incorporation of information driven imperative that is user friendly. Moreover, new technologies provide alternatives through which information in the database is managed well to ensure that there are no multiple records for a single person (Geiger, 2011). Finally, the process of exchanging information is clearly understood by concerned parties. Cases of misunderstanding have been minimized and mishandling of case records. Thus, criminal justice professionals can easily exchange information in the court of law with accuracy of the processes involved.

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The use of technology in criminal justice system also poses some potential dangers. For instance, if not well-managed, some aspects used in communication technology may be resisted by some officers and staff. This is in case such technology is complex and requires training. Virtually, officers are forced to go for training in order to be in a position to handle this type of software (Brunelli, 2009). Preliminary studies show that the use of computer software in storing the data for criminal is also vulnerable to hackers who may have malice aims to distort or access the information. Some officers also view this technology as unfairly intrusive and technically cumbersome. One has to stare on computer monitor updating the system data. Other stakeholders are also needed to access the records in their systems. This process is considered cumbersome and hard to maintain. It is also possible for unauthorized persons to access the data through the use of passwords which is not carefully monitored and controlled (Wilson, 2006). Essentially, despite the wide benefits of technology in criminal justice, there are negative benefits that should be considered before the full implementation of the system software in all agencies.

Finally, one of the new specialized technologies that I would use is Integrated Automated Fingerprint Identification (IAFI). This technology is more effective in searching and in investigation. It is simple to use, compared to the facial recognition system. The Live Scan requires little knowledge to use, compared to other devices used in facial recognition system.

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