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Apple’s iPhone. Custom Apple’s iPhone Essay Writing Service || Apple’s iPhone Essay samples, help

In July 2011, Nielsen released findings of its research done in the United States which showed that Android operating system had a market share of 38%. After three months, Nielsen found Android’s percentage to have risen to 43%. This showed an increase of 5%. In August 2011, Android’s market share rose to 56%.11 The rise in the market share was due to the manufacturer’s efforts to produce original devices every week and distribute them across all major United States’ markets at considerable prices.12 iPhone, on the other hand, only distributed its products at AT and T.

According to Neisen’s findings, Apple’s iPhone market share was at 28% in July, 2011. The percentage remained the same up to August, the same year. This is because Apple was not producing a new hardware. The research revealed that Apple’s sales increased every time it brought a new hardware in the market.13

After Apple realized that Android led the market by releasing new products almost on a weekly basis, it decided to counter the strategy by joining Verizon. Its sales were not as massive as it was thought since many people had huge contracts and could not end them early due to the large amount of fees which were involved. In addition, Apple introduced a variety of prices on their products and allowed them to be sold across Verizon, AT and T, and Sprint. It also released new products such as iPhone 5 that had more appealing functionalities.

Android, on the other hand, is determined to maintain the lead in the market by constantly releasing new applications and original hardware devices with many features. This enables customers to access the services faster.

Apple’s iPhone and Google’s Android are operating systems run on smartphones. Creators develop applications and install them in the operating systems. Both iPhone and Android are developed with security considerations in mind and only allow applications that do not violet their terms of service and intellectual property rights in the market. They contain many features such as application switching, VoIP, and GPS.

Although Android has a larger market share, Apple is determined to improve its share. It joined Verizon, introduces new products with much functionality, and is offering a variety of prices on its products.

Apple’s iPhone. Custom Apple’s iPhone Essay Writing Service || Apple’s iPhone Essay samples, help

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