Western Sociology

In the United States of America, the middle class are also called the white-collar employees. The working class are sometimes referred to as the blue-collar workers. The working class mostly affect feel a little alienated and have a lower job satisfaction. The working classes are likely to suffer from alienating. Their work is always risky and hence many get satisfaction in the end. On the other hand, a recognizing the middle class calls for as much a social designation as compared to an economic classification (Alvin ). Economists always choose to measure this in terms of income or any consumption levels.  The middle class can also be defined in relative terms. There are also other absolute terms.  They can also be looked at as those between the 30th and 80th percentile of the known consumption and distribution and between the 0.75 and 1.25 times in median per capita income.  There is also a consideration of two alternative mainly absolute measures— where those with known daily per capita expenditures was existing between $2 to $4 and also those with realized daily per capita expenditures going at between $7 and$10.  These are estimates of any lower and the upper middle class. The middle class may not be pleased or satisfied with their jobs. Middle class workers feel financially capable to meet their basic needs like eating a healthy diet, providing acknowledged education to their children. They also receive treatment from respectful health centers and look for classy jobs.  The working class, on the other hand, feel financially incapable. Meeting daily needs is a problem and most of them live from hand to mouth. They always find it hard catering for their health needs and also attending high level education. The working class feel academically insufficient to seek classic jobs (Wright).

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Religion brings about several challenges and there are many parties to this. Buddhists believe that existence always leads to suffering. They believe that human beings are on this world to suffer. Utilitarianism’s believe that life only presents simple accounts on which people exist. They value potential disease cures more than an embryo. Christians, one of the most famous religions, value human life right from conception. Utilitarianisms believe that an action cannot be said to be wrong or right. If the consequences are not considered, there may be dire issues related to that, whereas Christianity works with the commandments. Anything against the commandments is considered to be wrong. Utilitarianism believe that reason should be used to realize morality (Peter).

Struggle calls for a lot of effort, both from an individual to the society’s perspective.  It entails getting out of one’s comfort zone. It means one has to use extra energy to achieve his or her goals.  Self realization, on the other hand, means that one coming to clearly decipher what he or she relates to. It means one understanding his or her strengths. Once this stage is achieved, it is possible to acquire the highest ever levels in life. It is when one cannot be easily influenced by any environmental or physical happenings (William).

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