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To begin with, it is vital to suggest that the world today is full of skirmishes and unending violence. This violence is usually caused by people who are struggling to attain some independence due to discrimination of any kind. Even though it is right for individuals to fight for their rights and establishment of the society, it is necessary this struggle should be peaceful. While striving to attain independence, people should consider peace to be the most key element for success in the current world. There is a way that I consider useful in fighting injustices. It falls in between violence and nonviolence. That is active nonviolence. It is, therefore, essential that active nonviolence should be employed in fighting injustices in our community today.

Active nonviolence is a combination of techniques that people can use to address conflicts without the use of violence (Hunter, 2006). There are three categories of active nonviolence: nonviolent protest and persuasion, non cooperation and nonviolent intervention. Nonviolent protest and persuasion involves symbolic act of peaceful opposition and persuasion that extends beyond verbal communication. Non-cooperation involves deliberate withdrawal of cooperation with an individual, activity or organization, with which activists are involved in a conflict. Nonviolent intervention involves disruption or destruction of an established behaviour pattern, relationships, policies or institutions, considered unacceptable. Active nonviolence is not passivism. It does not mean avoiding conflicts or any confrontation. It involves confronting evils in the society. Active nonviolence is not cowardice, a magic wand or a fire engine. It takes a longer time and discipline to reach the state and understanding of active nonviolence.

Active nonviolence is essential since it provides long-term solutions to injustices in the society. It leads to forgiveness and reconciliation unlike other means of confronting evil that usually result in conflicts.

In conclusion, I have told you that active nonviolence is an effective tool that is essential for confronting evils and injustices in the society. It is, therefore, upon institutions to take the initiative of educating masses about this issue and help them understand what it is. We must yearn for peace and cohesion in our society for all of us to be productive.

Active Nonviolence. Custom Active Nonviolence Essay Writing Service || Active Nonviolence Essay samples, help

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