Social Entrepreneurship

Personally for me, social entrepreneurs are people who aim to reduce the social evils using innovative method, inventing or combining social and economic resources in order to create a self-replicating ability to expand the mechanism of production of social welfare. So the key elements of any social entrepreneurship are the creation of value, activity towards transformation, and constant search for changes and opportunities.

Gregory Dees once identified five factors that determine social entrepreneurship, which fully reflect the sense of this activity. They include taking the mission of creation and sustaining social value; recognition and use of new opportunities for the implementation of the selected mission; execution of a continuous process of innovation, adaptation, and learning; the determination of action that are not limited to the available resources (Dees 4).

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I would like to talk about the person, who is a most inspiring role-model for me. His name is Albert Arnold «Al» Gore Jr., the U.S. Vice President of America from 1993 to 2001. In October 12, 2007 Gore received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work on the protection of the environment and research on change of climate. He made a movie An Inconvenient Truth about the human impact on the climate. Also in his film Gore spoke about finiteness of fertile ability of the earth and the significant restrictions that it imposes on the business world (Edwards et al 350).

According to him, the financial crisis has awakened the businessmen who were faced with the fact that the next 25 years will determine the development of business sustainability. It also will determine the process of poverty reduction. World is to solve the environmental dilemma and fight against poverty with limited natural resources. It is no secret that in an attempt to reduce poverty through aggressive economic growth, the developing countries’ governments often ignore the need to protect the environment.

It was not the first time that Gore produced his movie that concerns the social themes. Earlier in the Los Angeles-based Current TV studio, owned by Gore, a number of social projects were initiated, among which the most sensational one was the design of a tolerant attitude towards people with not traditional sexual orientation (American Heroes 53).

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Former U.S. Vice President Al Gore urged Americans to give up energy, derived from fossil fuels within ten years. According to him, the United States should avoid any dependence on the foreign oil and move to energy supplies derived from renewable sources. Gore compared the scale and importance of this problem with the flight to the Moon in 1960. As the former U.S. vice-president, he thinks that global climate change has an impact on the national security. In his view, large instability threatens America. This can occur if the country is occupied with hundreds of refugees from those areas where the climate dramatically changed conditions of life(American Heroes 56).

With his performances and presentation devoted to climate protection, he toured dozens of cities worldwide with a popular science film about the day that inevitably will come if humanity does not change the mind and will not take immediate action to contain the consequences of its own life. The topic of global warming of the Earth on a global scale is really urgent nowadays.  Melting glaciers in Greenland and Antarctica, snow caps slipping Switzerland, the problem of "green lungs" of the planet were reflected in his movie (American Heroes 60).

This example of social entrepreneurship displays such characteristics of this category of people as obsession with their own ideas, dedication of their whole lives to the revolutionizing of the scope of their professional activities, major concern about the practical implementation of their ideas above anything else.

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In my opinion, if I chose to become a successful entrepreneur in the future, I have all the chances to do so as I possess the traits which are necessary for the social entrepreneur. I am very communicative and open person; I like to help close people to solve their problems and tend to explain them ideas in simple and easy way. In such a way, I can present my views in a practical, understandable, ethical way and receive broad support, probably, bringing the number of people who will pick up my idea and turn it into reality.  I can prove people to bring their passion into action and convince them that they are capable of almost everything.

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