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Gender Identity among African Americans. Custom Gender Identity among African Americans Essay Writing Service || Gender Identity among African Americans Essay samples, help

In the contemporary society, Africans Americans developed and revised gender identity and definitions that often complemented or opposed prevailing racial and gender stereotypes imposed by the whites’ majority. External forces affecting gender identity among Africans Americans include political and educational access, economic opportunities and competition, and legalized discrimination, as well as violent oppression, internal factors include distinctions of social class, religious beliefs, family and community traditions, and generational differences.

There have been African American women who have been steering for the gender identity across the United States. Indeed, some of the strategies that the society has embarked on, in the recent past, is the demarcation of the gender based discrimination and racial discrimination (Bassard 2010). Dani McClain was one of the renowned women who were racially abused and discriminated by ‘male Chauvinists’ in the society.  The mission statement of women’s uFFD is to enhance equality—both gender and racial—across the globe. Achieving this strategy ensures that the society is educated on the relevant measures needed to be articulated in the society. Dani is an activist and African American writer. His concerns on gender and racial discrimination was benevolent when Glenn Beck discriminated Blacks and racial-abused them during an interview.  During a talk show, hosted by Glenn and Conservative members, Glenn argued that, as President Obama was a black, he was a racist—which was a false claim to prevent Americans from being voted to the government. Dani has initiated Color to Change activists group, which was against the conservative talk show in U.S.

In the U.S., African American women undergo adverse discrimination due to lack of stringent measures by the government to end gender-based discrimination across the society. Black women face severe discrimination as they are of female-gender. Until recently, Oprah Winfrey, one of the renowned media personalities, claimed that gender-based discrimination, especially when one is black, has been increasing tremendously. Though African American men are not immune to the discrimination, it is not as adverse, and severe as in the case of their female counterparts (Bassard 2010).

Over the past decades, the government and social activists have spearheaded the non-discriminatory campaign based on female identity across the US. This has been realized through African American women rising to a higher position in the government. The subsequent election of President Barack Obama to the U.S. supreme post ensured that stringent measures were incorporated in an attempt to minimize any form of gender and racial discrimination.  Women have been appreciated in the society, and this is evident through the posts that African American women have taken in the government. In the current society, female identity has been fostered, and black women can access equal opportunities as her white counterpart (Quashie 2008).  

The U.S. government has been aware that economic, social, and political development should not be canvassed on gender based means, but equality should be fostered across the society. The differences that existed in the past have been mitigated, and the society has peacefully co-existed through enjoying of resource allocation. The modern society has distributed resources across all corners of the society in an attempt to ensure that individuals are equally treated. However, the society still faces challenges, as racial and gender-based discrimination has not been fully realized. Actors and actresses have formed groups to end this improper inequality among the Americans. Ideally, all individuals are equal and they are entitled to equal resource allocation and treatment.

Gender Identity among African Americans. Custom Gender Identity among African Americans Essay Writing Service || Gender Identity among African Americans Essay samples, help

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