Maryland Public Safety

The purpose of this research paper is to design a comprehensive security plan for the Maryland Public Safety Education and TrainingCenter. The Maryland Public Safety Education and TrainingCenter is a center that deals with public safety and education, firearms training, as well as drug abuse resistance. The center also deals with a wide range of materials that are important to the society due to running the risk of being stolen. Located on a 700-acre land plot, the facilities are divided into two subdivisions, such as the Firearms Training Facility (FTF) and Drivers Training Facility (DTF) (Maryland Police and Correctional Training Commissions, 2011). Crime prevention and security measures necessitate the need for the institution to be located far from civilian housing to prevent the risk of unauthorized entry. Additionally, the department has outdoor firing ranges that are located some 25 miles from the facility to ensure that there is little risk of damaging the property of the institution. The ranges are equipped with bullet traps to ensure that the risks of bullets going astray are reduced to zero. There is also a routine check at the hospital grounds by the security forces of the institution who usually respond to calls made by the doctors in the vicinity considering that it is a mental hospital. This is a security measure that is worth noting. The paper discusses the Maryland Public Safety Education and TrainingCenter is a center with a deep consideration for security matters.     

Discussion (Security Plan)

In order to analyze the security plan that is essential for the institution, it is imperative to note the necessity of the organization. The institution is quite important to the society since it provides not only physical but also mental training. This means that the institution has to study various control measures it has put in place, as well as ways and means it plans to meet the measurers (Ortmeier, 2004). Therefore, this security measure is useful for the Maryland Public Safety Education and TrainingCenter. In the plan, there will be a detailed analysis of the institution in order to come up with a plan that would be effective for the running of the institution. There will also be the recommendations part of the security plan in order to create a friendlier environment for both the community living in the vicinity of the institution, as well as individuals who are part and parcel of the institution in various capacities. The main areas of focus in this research will be the physical plant, property damage, personal security, information or security records, emergency planning and response standards, as well as violations in the hiring practices.           


The Physical Plant

The physical plan needs an assessment due to various factors. In any organization it is imperative that there are adequate security measures that are put in place in order to prevent a physical plant from intrusion. The attacks that may be launched include burglary, and therefore, there is always a need to protect this somewhat fragile environment. One important aspect of ensuring that the aforementioned security requirements are met is that this would reduce the likelihood of attacks occurring, something that is always on the minds of the security personnel. There are numerous measures the Maryland Public Safety Education and TrainingCenter can introduce to ensure that it is safe from the aforementioned damage (Coleman & Westcott, 2010). One of the main ones is investing in modern technology, such as CCTV. This will ensure that there is adequate surveillance in the vicinity at all times. In addition, the organization can also ensure that it is protected by installing intruder alarms that will prove useful in ensuring that whenever there is an attack, there is also a rapid response to it. The security lights of the institution should also be strategically installed to ensure that if there is a security breach that may lead to a potential burglary, there should also be a rapid response to enable intruders to be easily spotted. This and other security options are essential in ensuring that the perpetrators do not gain access to the facility. In order to ensure that there is a full-proof security, the following measures are to be put in place:

Alarm System: Alarm systems in the organization are not quite effective and updated. When properly installed, a system will help discourage unauthorized entry into the premises of the company, and this would be a great advantage. The systems should be installed in the security rooms of the institution, and this would help protect them from potential damage. They should also be reset in order to ensure that they are safe to use. The alarm systems should also be connected to closed circuit surveillance cameras in order to record intrusion attempts and give off an alarm signal.

Perimeters and access control: The entry points into the institution are not fenced, and therefore, it would be quite useful if they are fenced. The entry points should also be adequately manned to ensure that there is little risk of intrusion. The entry points should additionally be specified for the good will of both the insiders and outsiders, considering the diverse nature of the organization’s dealings. The private and public areas should also be marked out properly to ensure that there is reduced risk of intrusion. Individuals entering the private areas should have an access pass, which is also essential, since not every individual should be allowed onto the premises. In addition, there should be security detectors that would deter each and every individual from being brought in or taken out. The security walls should also be addressed.

Doors and Windows: The doors and windows of each and every place should be installed in such a way that they are hard to penetrate or override. This will be achieved by installing hard-to-pick locks. In addition, there should be alarm systems to ensure that there are no unauthorized entries. Strong anti-burglary metal bars should also be fitted on the windows.           

Property Damage

Whenever there is property damage in any organization, there are always two possible intentions, such as malice or negligence (Khairallah, 2005). Property damage that affects the institution may occur inside it, this being the buildings and other areas, or outside it, this being the vehicles in transit. Therefore, it is imperative for the organization to introduce clear-cut measurers against property damage. Vandalism and theft are also major contributors to property damage. The personnel in the institution should be educated on the need to commit themselves in one way or another to fighting this vice. There are a number of security measures that should be taken into account to stop the above vices. Among them is that the premises should have limited access to non-authorized personnel. In addition, the materials that are not in use at particular times should be safely locked; this reduces exposure and vulnerability to theft. Faulty machines should also be repaired in a timely manner to ensure that the risk of damage is reduced; this reduces extra costs that may be incurred in repairing worn extensively damaged machines and equipments. Another measure taken to guard against property damage is that regular inspections should be carried out to ensure that the premises are safe form vandalism and theft. In addition to that, there should be adequate security checks for individuals leaving the premises. Finally, there should be good working practice amongst the members, which will be encouraged by the senior personnel

Personal Security

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Personal security should be provided for each and every individual visiting the station. This is because when people are secure, they tend to be more productive. Personal security goes beyond the basic protection that a person can get, and extends to injuries he or she is likely to suffer in the workplace, the loss of personal belongings in the workplace, and the assault that he or she may experience from the co-workers. Since the institution also handles a mental facility, personal security should be a matter of paramount importance. Personnel are the most important individuals that an organization can acquire. Therefore, losing them always means that it is a big blow to the whole working process. Therefore, the management of the organization should ensure that the safety of the workers is guaranteed. The working conditions of the institution should be made better to ensure that the workers in various sectors are not stopped from performing their duties (Hopwood & Thompson, 2006). The working materials should also be standardized and checked thoroughly so that they comply with the safety standards. Working relations between the employees should also be adequate to reduce the likelihood of attacks from colleagues. The following security plans which regard the personal security should be put in place to ensure that each and every individual is adequately protected. The personal property of each and every employee should be guarded to reduce the likelihood of theft. This should be done through allocation of lockers for the whole procedure. Consequently, members found to have assaulted others should be thoroughly punished to discourage reoccurrence in the near future. The punishment should include dismissal if the offence is found to be excessive. In addition to that, personnel-related information should be guarded well to ensure that it remains between the employer and employees, or the senior managers of different sections. The databases that contain personal information should also be carefully monitored to prevent unauthorized access. Additionally, the institution is to ensure the safety of the workers on the premises to help them work freely. This should be done through the creation of various patrol initiatives. In addition to that, the areas that are prohibited should be clearly marked out. Finally, the safety standards to be observed in the institution should be applied to all members of the staff by the officials in charge. If properly undertaken, these measures would mean that personal security of the workers and general public in the Maryland Public Safety Education and Training Center will be ensured. It would also help prevent numerous litigations and be beneficial in creating good security culture.

 The Information or Security Records

Information about the business is one of the most guarded in the institution. Confidentiality and integrity of the information is what matters in the organization, especially if it is dealing with the issues, such as the institution being discussed is facing. The form of the information storage should not be a subject matter. (Hopwood & Thompson, 2006) It may be as soft copy or data in sheets, but what matters is the way it is stored and protected from unauthorized access and damage. Information should be aligned according to the following recommendations: Several individuals are allowed access it. Usefulness of the information to the company and each and every individual should be analyzed. The ease with which the information may be altered should also be seen. Safety measures taken to ensure that it is protected.

The organization should ensure that there are strict measurers when it comes to the accessibility of the information. And the only way to achieve this is through implementation of various initiatives, such as procedures, structures and software functions: There should be an inventory with information on who can access the information in question at a specified time. In addition, rooms that contain secure business catalogs should be locked and guarded all the time. The information that these rooms contain includes the mode of operations for the two subdivisions, as well as the contracts signed and permits allowed for the organization. Consequently, contemporary operating systems and network software should also be utilized. Computers in the organization should be protected with firewalls to prevent cyber attacks. Information that is stored on a computer should be protected by a strong password. The use of external data storage materials, such as portable hard drives and USB sticks, should be prohibited on the premises of the organization. To conclude, there should also be regular checks within the systems to prevent the leakage of important information

Emergency Planning and Response

In any organization, it is usually very important that there is an adequate response program (Ortmeier, 2004). An emergency plan to be created should be in line with the emergency response mode. The mode covers all incidences, including fire outbreaks, criminal activities, and bomb threats. The organization should have the following emergency plan: Emergency cases department should be established. This would mean that there should be coordination with external emergency response teams, such as law enforcement officials, firefighters and ambulance teams. Additionally, the employees should be educated on Do’s and Don’ts in times of emergencies. There should also be clear demarcations of exit points in emergency situations. In conclusion, quick dial numbers to be assigned to all individuals in the vicinity of the compound should be studied to see if they work properly

Violations in the Hiring Practices

The hiring process is very important in any organization, since it is through this process that new employees are recruited. Hiring incompetent staff usually leads to negative results, which is something that cannot be entertained in an institution. The organization in focus is one that requires skilled personnel in whichever subdivision a person wishes to work, and therefore, it means that there is a need of unity and hard work (Hopwood & Thompson, 2006). If the hiring process is fair, it will mean that the number of incidences which are caused by carelessness will be considerably reduced. In addition, hiring skilled personnel will enable to significantly reduce losses and damages. In order to ensure that the hiring practices are viable, the following steps are to be undertaken: The hiring process should be done by qualified staff members who are well aware of the needs of the organization. The process should also include specialization. In addition, a background check should be conducted on the employees to ensure that they have the required moral standards, because they are expected to deal with sensitive information. Finally, there should also be identification requirements in order to know what person and at what time has entered the premises during the interview.

Training Practices

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There is an urgent need for the senior management of the institution to ensure that the security issues in the organization are properly dealt with. As discussed earlier, security is an issue that is to be considered in-depth and given due consideration. The employers should also ensure that the employees are well-trained and prepared for the job that they may be assigned to. Therefore, it would be quite beneficial for all the employees of the institution to undergo security training programs to ensure that they are ready face the challenges they may encounter. Due to the changing nature of security policies, it would also be quite useful if there were regular refresher classes which would help individuals gain the required knowledge and skills to combat any challenges that they may face. The employees should also be trained on the rules of security in order to ensure that they do not mess up the whole situation (Khairallah, 2005). There are numerous techniques that can be used to train the employees, such as presentations, conferences and workshops. All employees should have the following qualities according to the standard safety rules: They should be clearly trained on the required safety procedures. The staff should be educated on how to use the security measures that have been put in place, including security badges and coded keys. In addition, there should be clear definition of proper security codes and standards in the organization, which would preferably be provided in writing. In addition, it should be presented in a universal language understood by all members of the organization. There should be regular training workshops that would teach the employees on acceptable codes and standards of security. To conclude, there should be advanced training for new employees.

Recommended Policies and Procedures

It is always in the interests of an organization to ensure that it provides not only a safe environment, but also an environment that suits the needs of individuals living in its vicinity. In addition to that, it would always be in the interests of the organization to ensure that the premises are protected from intruders and that vandalism is something that does not take place on its premises. The following are the procedures that are recommended for the company: All eminent risks should be identified and solved. There should be checks within the perimeter of the institution. Alarm systems should also be the installed and coupled with access control. Adequate lighting should also be provided on the premises. To add on, there should be unlimited CCTV surveillance in areas around the premises. A security desk should be put in place. Finally, emergency phone numbers should be allocated.


In conclusion, the safety of the public and the whole society is something that is always a matter of concern and should be taken care of to make sure that the lives of individuals are not risked. Therefore, the Maryland Public Safety Institution is one of the best institutions and should be taken care of in such a way that their lives of people inside and outside the institution are not risked and this would give the employees and the people leaving around the area more confidence so that they can carry on with their daily activities.

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